She and her father uses him for their mean purposes. She also starts misbehaving and torturing them emotionally and sometimes physically, but Suhani tries to ignore and forget for the sake of her brother. Meanwhile later some time, he comes to know about all the happenings and the motives of his wife and her father and decides to intervene. When confronted, Sanjana gets into fight with him and she and her father decide to kill him. And one day they do it. Suhani and her mother get broken by all the happenings.

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Recently, a video of the actress speaking about her Miss India gown went viral on social media. Twenty-six years after her win, a video of her talking on a talk show about the gown surfaced on the internet. In the videom Sushmita Sen revealed that she could not afford four different designer outfits for the finale.

Char costumes chahiye the. We needed four costumes. We were middle-class people and we knew our restrictions ," the actress said in the clip. She said that it was her mother who encouraged her to get the clothes stitched from the local tailor.

Kapde dekhne thodi arhe hai log, tumhe dekhne arhe hai. Toh chalo, shuru ho gye, kapde khareed ke laaye gaye Sarojini Nagar market a flea market in New Delhi se. They are not going to look at your clothes, they are going to look at you. Downstairs, in the garage, there was a local tailor who made petticoats. We bought brand new black socks, cut it, put elastic in it and then I wore them as gloves ," she further said, Talking about the feeling of winning the title winning that gown, she said, "Mere liye woh din, jis din main woh dress pehen ke Miss India jeeti thi, mere liye itni badi baat hai.

Insaan ko jo chahiye hota hai, uske liye paise ki zarurat nai hoti, insaan ki intentions sahi honi chahiye The day I won Miss India wearing that gown was a very big day for me.


Main Banungi Miss India

AT takes a runway view to search for the reasons. Nimisha Shah spent hours at the gym, bought expensive dresses and groomed under a beautician for a year — all in the hope of making the cut for a beauty pageant. Though short-listed, Nimisha came back empty-handed after the first round. The judges found her beautiful and ramp-friendly but sadly lacking in the communication skills.


Main Banungi Miss India TV Serial – Doordarshan National (DD1)

Bhojpuri Actress Pakhi hegde and Kajal became well known faces accross country. While the screenplay was written by Brij Mohan, dialogues were written by Rajesh Saksham, cinematography by Mahendra Ryan and music was given by Sachin. The serial was a grim look at the glamour industry. It was an honest attempt to look at if the path to the beauty pageant is a bed of roses or is strewn with thorns. News came that the producer of the show was tired of her tantrums and asked the actress to leave.

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