Telugu is a principal language of the peninsula of India. It is ancient; and has been highly cultivated. The nation of the Telugus was in former times very powerful, and its princes gave considerable encouragement to literature. The works of its ancient poets are numerous and very voluminous. It possesses a very scientific grammar, and a system of prosody nearly as highly polished as that of the Greeks. In this and some other respects the language is acknowledged to be more difficult than Sanscrit.

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Persons of longevity, will be groping in greed, unable to revert from delusion. They will be like flies crowding in a vessel with dirty stuff. Greed for money not due: That person and his son who covet for legacies of others will be under an illusion. They will never get. Can an unfortunate person get fortunes? An unfortunate person who comes into possession of a touchstone stone which when touched converts cheap metal to gold , cannot hold it on.

He loses. Do the hailstones which we get with the rain will ever last long? Money is the base for this world. Money is the root for all ethical codes. Character is the foundation for riches. Mind is the root for deliverance and divinity.

Moneyed husband, moneyless husband: Wives receive earning husbands with great respect. They laugh at an earningless husbands, as if he were a living corpse. Note: Almost same verse can be found in Sumati Satakam. Money is like a raging fire. It seduces itself. It seduces the surroundings. It is a sin not to have money. Son: a befitting son. A pennyless father can get a worthy son. Such son gets ample money, helps others using it in the right path and then leaves this world.

They lament that they are unable to learn the art of reviving from death. They do not know the ultimate injury of such an art. Education minimises difficulties. Persons with skills like goldsmithy, will not fall in difficulties to fend oneself. In the same way, a person who understands the true spirit of this world, will have nothing to worry!

Practice helps accomplishment of tasks. When repeatedly sung, a tune becomes perfect. When repeatedly eaten, neam fruits become sweet psychologically. PRIDE …. Pride of a rich person: An unethical person develops pride with money. He accumulates wealth. Without reaping any benefits, at the end he dies. They languish in the copulation. They never object to it. Whereever people are born, they should suffer there only. He loses his way. The landlord does not pay wage until he estimates and satisfies himself about the work turned out as agreed.

A paramour does not give even a single Rupee until his lust is fully satisfied. Now the poet calls a teacher who does not help in getting deliverance, as a "son of monkeys". Ignoramuses exist plenty. Difficult to trace a wise person. Nature deludes the ignorant from understanding the afterdeath scenario. Worldlybound persons classify knowledgeable persons as mad. Bound, they cannot shed their nature.

Even if a mad person searches for nature, he cannot trace it. Some do not know the distinctions and philosophies of somebody being greater and somebody being ordinary. Infatuated, they kneel and pray. Who is a person to receive prayers? Who is the praying person? A pot with a frail bottom is obnoxious.

An ascetic without a strong body is abominable. Such recluse is like a head shaven widow. During the days of Veemana, Brahmin widows used to get their heads tonsured, so that they do not look attractive to men. What does a fox know about fasting? What does a stupid know about the path of deliverance? Ascetics fall a prey to the loving postures of women.

They become a subject of infamy. A cat feels comfortable when it gets a bird. If he is not His, he can never be He. The one who is present in him is He. The one who saw Him is the really accomplished ascetic. He created this vivid composition. A Universe without a Creator is rare. The spirit of God is omnipresent in this Universe. Without knowing this, people search for it everywhere. The poet considers the fate of a cunning person who cooks meat for himself secretly and eats.

When he is relieved of his flesh, how does he speak? He does not speak! Truth and Awareness coexist. When truth manifests in a person, awareness and knowledge also manifest in him. Where awareness and knowledge manifest, Truth joins.

If both awareness and truth balance one another in a person, he becomes a Brahmin. Implied: A person by birth is not a Brahmin. He must have awareness and truth flourishing in him.


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