He is a prodigy whose ingenious prowess has transformed and set a new trend in the Tamil Literary and Film entertainment arena. He is the only Indian film lyricist who is honored six times with the Presidential National Award as a Best film Lyricist. His contribution to literary world continues with the same level of spiritedness. Besides his poems many other works have also been translated into several languages viz. Many have researched his works and obtained doctorate from various Universities. He has traveled widely arround the globe and delivered countless literary talks.

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Though the slang in which the entire story was narrated being in a village style, one could understand the depth of the story through it. I was able to visualize every line in it, which no book has did to me. Every chapter in it,ending with a curiosity to read the next one, I could complete the whole book quickly. The manner of narration proved that Vairamuthu is a legend and one could get all the feel- happiness, sadness, fear and anxiety.

In a gist, one will really love village lifestyle, culture and customs followed, love and faith in relationship, peace and the hardships faced by the people in there. Adding the fact that this book says the early life of Kaviarasu Vairamuthu, the story moves with the culture and life around Kallipatti.

We can feel their lives on those days and can gain an immense knowledge about a village. It had shown me how the people live, what they do for their living, how they eat, what they eat, how they sleep, how a theft occurs, how sarayam is prepared and sold, how a The novel depicting the lives of village farmers is a rare one, this book is the best in this context.

It had shown me how the people live, what they do for their living, how they eat, what they eat, how they sleep, how a theft occurs, how sarayam is prepared and sold, how a water well is constructed, how vegetations are grown, what they wear, how death is faced, second marriage, family connections, ancestor sentiment, financial status at that time, government schemes and many more..

Who can give us such immense detail other than Kaviperarasu?


கள்ளிக்காட்டு இதிகாசம் [kallikattu ithikasam]

Early life[ edit ] Vairamuthu was born on July 13, to Ramasamy and his wife Angammal, who were agriculturalists based in the village of Mettoor , in the district of Theni , Tamil Nadu. In , his family was forced to move to Vadugapatti , another village in the Theni district, due to the construction of Vaigai Dam across the river Vaigai , which led to evacuation of 14 villages including Mettur. In his new surroundings, he also took up agriculture in addition to his academics. From a very young age, Vairamuthu was drawn towards the language and literature of Tamil. The Dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu during the s, made a significant impression on his youth and he was inspired by several prominent individuals associated with language, such as Periyar E. Karunanidhi , Subramania Bharathi , Bharathidasan and Kannadasan.




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