CPD consists of any educational activity which helps to maintain and develop knowledge, problem-solving, and technical skills with the aim to provide better health pharmaceutical statistics by bolton through higher standards. Exclusive web offer for individuals. Add to Wish List. The country you have selected will result in the following: It could be through conference attendance, group discussion or directed reading to name just a few examples. Already read this title?

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DeepDyve Pharmaceutical statistics: Practical and clinical applications. Second edition. By Sanford Bolton. Marcel Dekker: New York. By Sanford Metzler, Carl M.

Ritschel, W. A,; Ritschel, G. Methods Find. Phurm- Preparation of col. Insulin in - Microemulsion rnin 30 min 60 min 2. A,; Kraeling, M. Pharmacopeia, 22nd rev. Pharmacopeial Convention: a Results are expressed as mean?

Singh, S. Therefore, insulin in a microemulsion S. These results cannot Cincinnati, OH be extrapolated for other animals, other formulations, or other routes of administration. Therefore, further studies are Received May Marcel Dekker: New tered, a statistician should be consulted. Examples include York.

ISBN The preface states that there are no 3-D graphs. For problems with modifiers that seem to suggest that some example, in an otherwise good chapter on regression and subset of science requires a special kind of statistics. A correlation, there are five pages, including an example, on well-written introductory text aimed at students of chemical nonlinear regression. It does not provide enough instruction and biological sciences will be more useful than a specialized for a scientist to do nonlinear regression, and no references text.

Is this text good enough to claim a special place for are given for further study. Another example: the chapter on pharmaceutical scientists? All of us who have taught intro- experimental design has a detour into tiioequivalence with too ductory statistics have our own style, and we either look for little information supplied.

There is a discussion of crossover a book that fits that style or write our own. It is not fair to designs and carryover effects, but no presentation of added judge a text on whether it fits my individual style, so I will try period designs. This book will be a useful reference tool if it is supple- This book covers the basic elements: descriptive statistics, mented with one of the good, balanced introductory texts.

I probability, sampling, estimation, hypothesis testing, regres- would not recommend it as a text for an introductory course, sion and correlation, and analysis of variance.

It includes even for pharmaceutical scientists. For a review of the first more specialized chapters: design for clinical trials, quality edition, see Journal of the American Statistical Association, control and assay development, process validation, consumer June Metzler applying statistics, the assumptions that are needed, and the The Upjohn Company pitfalls that may be encountered.


Bolton Sanford



Pharmaceutical Statistics: Practical and Clinical Applications


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