In addition, it helps the reader to migrate from MicroStrategy 9 to MicroStrategy 10 and to start using the new capabilities. What You Will Learn Explore various visualization techniques for presenting analyzed data Customize MicroStrategy in order to meet your business requirements Develop and design mobile dashboards Use the advanced techniques such as designing reports, documents and interactive dashboards for building dashboards Understand the concepts of data discovery and Desktop capabilities Explore the best practices for Microstrategy system administration Find and fix issues based on connections, environment or documents Integrate third party ESRI map tools with MicroStrategy to create geo based reports In Detail Business intelligence is becoming more important by the day, with cloud offerings and mobile devices gaining wider acceptance and achieving better market penetration. MicroStrategy Reporting Suite is an absolute leader in the BI market and offers rich capabilities from basic data visualizations to predictive analytics. It lets you various delivery methods such as the Web, desktops, and mobiles. Using real-world BI scenarios, this book helps you to implement Business Analytics solutions in big e-commerce companies.

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Can work with any type of data Self-sustaining features Offers a complete ecosystem of BI tools Speed and scalability Mobile analytics yes MicroStrategy is a business intelligence tool that is widely used for deriving valuable insights from data in the form of visually insightful reports, graphs and charts.

MicroStrategy can connect to any type of data including big data, flat files, social media data and so on. MicroStrategy offers an intuitive way to create and modify business intelligence reports and dashboards using the MicroStrategy Desktop. Why is MicroStrategyso widely used? MicroStrategy is a powerful business intelligence tool that helps organizations to stay on top of the data and convert it into valuable business insights.

Some of the reasons that makes MicroStrategy such a widespread tool are as follows: It can easily connect with existing enterprise apps and systems It is completely scalable, reusable and offers centralized administration It offers a complete BI ecosystem thus eliminating need for other tools It is extremely user-friendly thus removing the need for IT support It leverages direct database access and in-memory processing offering high-speed response It offers unmatched mobile analytics features thus putting the power at your fingertips.

Data discovery is a part of business intelligence process wherein you connect to data from disparate sources and data in the form of data silos and so on. MicroStrategy can help you connect to data which is in formats like big data, flat files and so on.

When the data discovery is done the right way it paves the way for data drilling and so on in a seamless manner. Data Wrangling Data wrangling is the process of cleaning and transforming data in a format that is easily deployed for extracting business insights out of it. MicroStrategy has excellent features for cleansing, structuring and enriching data in order to aid the process of business intelligence reporting.

Data Mining and Predictive Analysis You can deploy a wider range of data mining and data modeling tools along with MicroStrategy to augment its native analytical capabilities. Anybody can use these data mining features like report designers, business users and analysts.

You can then build predictive analytics reports on top of it and distribute it to any device. Library of Analytics Functions MicroStrategy offers a comprehensive library that has a great set of data mining, mathematical and financial functionalities which helps to understand the connection between data, gauge performance metrics and statistical analysis reports. Extensible Visualization Library When it comes to visualization MicroStrategy has a great set of tools.

You can use hundreds of open source tools for visualizing the data along with the built-in tools. You can also deploy the visualization builder, or you can also create a new visualization from scratch.

Real-time Dashboards MicroStrategy also lets you work with real-time data through the deployment of real-time dashboards. This will help businesses stay on top of the business by monitoring information in real-time. You can also get scheduled updates thus ensuring that you get the latest data. Embedded BI You can also benefit from embedded business intelligence thanks to MicroStrategy out of the box tools that can be seamlessly embedded into other tools and platforms like SharePoint, WebSphere, NetWeaver and so on.

MicroStrategy offers a simple integration kit that includes sample coding and documentation. Some of the most important applications of MicroStrategy are as below: Predictive analytics in the banking and insurance domain Customer feedback reports through social media analysis Providing an omni-channel experience using various customer touchpoints New products launch using various market and customer data Converting big data into reports and then filtering down business insights Why should you learn MicroStrategy?

This MicroStrategy tutorial will show you why you should learn MicroStrategy. Thus if you are able to work with this tool and show your expertise then your skills would be demanded by the enterprises that are already deploying or will soon deploy MicroStrategy as a business intelligence tool.

What are the strengths of MicroStrategy? Here in this part of the MicroStrategy tutorial we will learn about some of the unique strengths of MicroStrategy. So, here are some of the strong points of MicroStrategy: It offers advanced and predictive analytics features It is deployed in the cloud saving you infrastructure costs It is very easy to use and maintain It is a high-performance, self-service analytics tool It can be extensively used for solving big data problems.

Sorting lets you move data so you can analyze that data more effectively. Consider the following sorting techniques: Move the most important data up to the top of the report where you can see it easily. It specifies the set of information that the report should retrieve from your data source, and the way Read More Formatting a Report Steps to Format MicroStrategy Reports: Threshold formatting ideas: To create a report that looks like a scorecard, use thresholds and assign different colors to different ranges among the values in the report.

This allows you to classify the information into broad classes. Interested in learning about MicroStrategy Reporting? Get the Intellipaat MicroStrategy training now. Master MicroStrategy with this career-oriented MicroStrategy training online now.


Document Essentials for MicroStrategy Report Services

Kazilkis MicroStrategy Tutorial You should also have some knowledge on various types of graphs and charts. This new jicrostrategy has been updated to include all new chapters on self-organizing systems as well as holistic, operational, and design thinking. The book covers recent crises in financial systems and job markets, the housing bubble, and environment, assessing their impact on systems thinking. In addition, it will also be quite useful for those readers microstratey look forward to become a Data Analyst or a Data Scientist. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer essengials files to supported eReaders. It is recognized as a visionary by Gartner Magic Quadrant.


Microstrategy Tutorial – Learn Microstrategy from Experts



MicroStrategy Desktop Training: Reporting Essentials





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