Page 5 Press to launch the GPS software. Use it for GPS navigation, scrolling, web browsing, camera zoom control and shutter release, and for mouse movement when in mouse mode. Page 7 No. Page 8: Getting Ready Car adapter Use it to charge the battery on your device while you are traveling in a car. Premium only Car holder Use it to mount your device in a car. Pry open the memory card holder.

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Tor Shows the Radio Display. When the battery power gets very low, a warning message will be displayed. PC requirement to run ActiveSync 4. Getting Connected 95 Select the check boxes of services that you want to use from the paired device. Getting Connected 87 Enter the Access point name, then tap Next. After launching the camera, tap or at the upper left side of the screen or roll the Trackball left or r. If looking through the HTC P user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions:.

Chapter 9 Experiencing Multimedia 9. The arrows in this icon will move back and forth while your device is scanning for a wireless LAN signal. On the Appearance tab, select the desired theme for the background of the Today screen. Indicates the battery status. Observe all warnings in the operating instructions on the product. Insert the micro SD card and the SIM card into the respective card holders, with their gold contacts facing down. You can customize the Today screen on your device. Status Indicators The Today screen displays important information, such as upcoming appointments and status indicators.

While your device is connected, ActiveSync synchronizes every gtc you make a change on either the PC or your device. You can use the default Bluetooth shared folder, or tap Browse to use another folder as your shared folder. More Information For more instructions, refer to the User Manual or contact your local dealer for assistance. Switches between speaker and headset output.

Battery power indicator When the battery power gets very low, a warning message will be displayed. The messages you receive and send through the account are stored in these folders.

Word documents created on your PC can be opened and edited on your device. Customizing Your Pocket PC Phone You can customize the look and feel of your device and set the time and date according to the current time zone. Troubleshooting Experiencing Multimedia your device by saving the current Now Playing playlist and by giving it a new name. HTC P — Full phone specifications Important Health Information and Safety Precautions When using this product, the safety precautions below must be taken to avoid possible legal liabilities and damages.

If the phone does not appear in the My Connections list, tap Add new device, and follow the remaining steps. To find the video clips that you captured, tap the down arrow next to the My Pictures folder and tap My Documents. Camera Controls Experiencing Multimedia The available capture modes of the camera are as follows: The Voice Tag tab displays a list that contains all the voice tags you have created.

The default screen that displays the playback controls such as Play, Pause, Next, Previous, and Volume and the video window. Auto c Summary of the content on the page No. Browsing the Internet You can set up connections to the Internet or to a corporate network to browse the Internet. These recommendations are consistent with the independent research by and recommendations of Wireless Technology Research.

Schedule a new appointment, or open an existing one and tap Edit. Chapter 7 Exchanging Messages and Using Outlook 7. Entering Information When you start a program or select a field that requires text or numbers, the Input Panel icon becomes available on the menu bar. Page 57 Synchronizing Information and Setting Up E-mail Security 57 synchronizing with multiple computers, the items that you synchronize will appear on all of the computers with which they are synchronized. Experiencing Multimedia Copy media files to your device Use the latest version of the desktop Player Windows Media Player 10 or later to synchronize digital media files to your device instead of dragging a file from a folder on your PC to a folder on your device, for example.

Using Other Applications Tap a cell to select it. This data is needed to determine the GPS position of your current location. Related Articles


HTC P3300 User Manual

Nile Enter text from picture: Tap the down arrow to choose one web site from prev. Entering and Searching Information 35 2. Browsing the Internet You can set up connections to the Internet or to a corporate network to browse the Internet. Enter the e-mail address or mobile phone number of one or more recipients, separating them with Summary of the content on the page No. Next, tap My Videos. If you have an Outlook e-mail account, do the following: Set up Outlook e-mail To be able to send and receive Outlook e-mail on your device, you must set up ActiveSync synchroni Summary of the content on the page No. Tariff Details tab To set up traffic limit notifications You can set up traffic limit notifications if you want to be notified when a traffic limit is reached.


HTC P3300 Manuals & User Guides

Vukree Camera Settings screen in Photo mode When you tap the icons at the bottom of the Camera P screen, different menus will appear. Connections Tab 32 Getting Started Icon Description Regional Settings Sets the regional format to use for displaying numbers, currency, date, and time on your device. Getting Connected To customize the GPRS Monitor pop-up window When you tap the GPRS Monitor icon on the title bar, a pop-up window jtc and shows you detailed statistics about data transfers, such as the data size just transferred and its cost, the data amount left that you are allowed to transfer, and more. To find the video clips that you mannual, tap the down arrow next to the My Pictures folder and tap My Documents.

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