What this does is it attempts to predict the city you are looking for. Page Map Screen The most commonly used screen is the Map screen. Whether you are following a route or just traveling around a city, the chances are that the Map screen will be displayed. The Map screen can be displayed in two unique modes: normal and routing. Page 20 F Information display. Displays speed, time of day, elevation, compass direction.

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Page Entering An Intersection Entering an Intersection When the street number is not known, an intersecting street can pinpoint the location.

From the Main Menu, tap the Go To icon. Tap the Intersection icon. Tap the large GO button on the right to return to the Map screen and start navigating. The other characters are grayed out. If you have selected to save this to the OneTouch menu, you need to select a the OneTouch button you want to assign.

Clearing the list of Previous Destinations 1. Access the list of Previous Destinations as described above. Page 26 6. Entering the name is described in detail in chapter Map Screen. There are predefined bookmarks as well as user assignable bookmarks for searches and favorite destinations. They can be used for easy access of frequent destinations and to get local information when needed.

Selecting a restaurant or finding a gas station nearby is at your fingertips. Tap the Points of Interest icon. Tap Search By Name.

Spell the name of the POI to be used as the destination. You need not enter the full name, but the more characters you enter, the easier it will be to find the exact POI you are searching for. Page Home Address Home Address Your most frequent destination can be entered and saved in the Magellan RoadMate as the Home Address for quick and easy access when you need to navigate there.

This does not need to be your real home address. Choose any address you visit frequently. Routing Method Regardless of which route type has been created, the Magellan RoadMate needs to know how the route is to be calculated. Tap Detour. Select one destination and create a single route first. Then turn it to a multi destination route by selecting additional destinations.

Creating Additional Destinations with Go To Using the search functions of the Magellan RoadMate you can easily create a route with multiple destinations. From the Map screen, tap Menu. Tap Trip Options. Tap Edit Trip. The Multiple Destination List is displayed.


Magellan RoadMate 1440 User Manual

Certain States prohibit the mounting of any items on your windshield. Go to www. Voice prompts will guide you to your destination. The driver should enter data or program the Magellan RoadMate receiver only when the vehicle is stationary. Only a vehicle passenger should enter data or program the Magellan RoadMate receiver while the vehicle is moving.


Magellan RoadMate 1424-LM User Manual


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