Pauly, D, Some simple methods for the assessment of tropical fish stocks. Condition factor analysis indicates the suitability of the environment for the species. Females Sex ratio L. Summary of the food items of Labeo coubie and Labeo senegalensi. Connect with us Help us improve the site by taking our survey. Mean values recorded were higher in males Weight was significantly higher in male L.

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Nikogal Labeo senegalensis : fisheries This is similar to the findings of Olele on feeding habit of Hyperopisus bebe occidentalis Gunther, caught in Warri River. The data analysis was carried out using Minitab 14 software. Seattle, WA and London: African Journal of Biotechnology6— Pius and Benedicta further stated that the assessment of the stomach content of a fish reduce intra and inter specific competition for ecological niche as it is vital in providing straight forward models of stomach content and feeding dynamics.

Nutritional trials sebegalensis be conducted using wild fingerlings to evaluate domestication potentials of these fish.

Summary of the food items of Labeo coubie and Labeo senegalensi. This study recorded significant differences in length and weight measured for the different sexes of the lqbeo species of Labeo. The results of this study reveals omnivorous feeding habit of African carp fish, this findings is similar to the report of OlatundeAdeyemi et al. In a bid to conserve wild stock of two importantly exploited species of this genus in River Benue Labeo coubie and Labeo senegalensisthis study was designed to investigate some aspects of the biology of those fishes so as to provide background information for senegalenis domestication of the fishes.

It is based on the hypothesis that the heavier the fish of a particular length, the better their physiological condition Bagenal, Mean values recorded were higher in males NINA Forskningsrapp, 1 The fishes of the various species were separated into male and female using specific features that were peculiar to the different sexes.

This study investigated some aspect of the biology of Labeo coubie Ruppell, and Labeo senegalensis Valenciennes, from lower River Benue between June and September Help us improve the site by taking our survey. In earlier studies by Ayotunde et al. Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology, 27, Percentages gotten from these two methods were pulled together and the means and standard error determined. Test for goodness of fit was determined statistically senegallensis Chi- square x2 test on sex ratio.

The total and standard lengths of each fish species were measured in centimeters cm using a seneggalensis rule, while the weight were taken in grams g using an electronic weighing balance.

One of the important aspects of fish that needs to be focused for a successful domestication program includes aspect of the biology of the fish.

The fishing gears used by the fishermen in catching the fish includes; traps, seine nets, cast net, gill nets, clap nets, hooks and line, while crafts were basically canoe and calabash. Class Actinopterygii ray-finned fishes. Amer FishSoc, Classification Kingdom Animalia animals Animalia: Tropical journal of animal science, 5 Asian Fisheries Science8 The food items encountered were analyzed using frequency of occurrence method Hynes, and point method Cortes, as stated in the formulae below.

Animal Research International7Journal of Labe Agricultural University, 9The high dominance of detritus and algae in the diet of most sample fish may be an indication of their abundance in the environment and not necessarily the preference of the fish for such food since omnivores have a wild spectrum of food lzbeo select from. Okafor et al rightly opined that most commercially important fish species have not been successful cultured senega,ensis a commercial scale due to insufficient knowledge of the biology of these fishes, hence, in order to cultivate any of these fish species successfully in captivity, a good knowledge of their biology is important.

Adeyemi further opined that length-weight relationships can be used to assess growth fluctuations due to changes in food composition, environmental variables, and spawning conditions among other factor. The lengthweight relationship of fish reported in this study reveals isometric growth for majority of the sampled fish groups, meaning that the weight and length of the fish increases at approximately the same rate, hence the negative allometric growth recorded for female L.

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Tambra Bleeker, Labeo is a genus of carps in the family Cyprinidae. They are found in freshwater habitats in the tropics and subtropics of Africa and Asia. It contains the typical labeos in the subfamily Labeoninae , which may not be a valid group, however, and is often included in the Cyprininae as tribe Labeonini. If the Labeoninae are accepted as distinct, Labeonini is the name of the tribe in this subfamily to which the labeos belong. If the Labeonini are considered a tribe of the Cyprininae, the labeos are placed in subtribe Labeoina.


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