Self Defense is a complicated thing. Advanced Pressure Point Grappling. The third level deals with a situation s where a weapon has been introduced or more than one attacker is involved. These courses as about real street survival.

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The intelligent essence of martial arts. The essence of KYUSHO jitsu is disturbing, dazzling and stopping the flow of body-energy by attacking the vital points meridians, and some parts or whole neural tracts of the body.

Kyusho is based on traditional Chinese medicine, such as acupressure, acupuncture or shiatsu, but has a different aim. Modern Kyusho is an independent, complex system; an anatomical basis for each classical martial arts. The techniques of Kyusho jitsu can be found hidden in all of the traditional martial arts.

In KYUSHO each movement has a fighting competence so all the movements, which have been thought to be parts of defense or preparing kamae , or the ones the fighter just accepted without explanation will gain a new meaning.

It is almost for sure, that practicing of any traditional martial art or self-defense system will be unimaginable without the basics of KYUSHO jitsu. It has arrived to the island of Okinawa via India and China. Modern combat sports have developed from these traditional martial arts, and scoring by predetermined rules has become the main aim. Meanwhile rules make the protection of modern athletes of primary importance.

So the real, devastating fighting feature has transformed and vanished. Dillman He was one of the most successful competitors in his time. He had won more than prestigious fighting and form competitions.

They have to know precisely the meridians, the points on the meridians, and the exact angle and direction how to attack these lines. It is also necessary to know the basics of anatomy, and the neural tracts — where they run and end. A kyusho attack is not necessary to be so strong. On the contrary, a too strong hit will not reach the best effect in many cases. Because of this the system can be so effective for weaker persons, such as females, children or old men.

A precise hit — which links more vital points in a proper combination — effects an immediate energetic collapse. Kyusho can play an important role in civil self-defense, or even in health promotion.

Kyusho can be practiced only under proper professional control.



This should be your first purchase This is the first information like this released techniques developed by Evan Pantazi over the course of his Kyusho career , that should be a must for EVERY Kyusho practitioner. This volume is absolutely my favorite of the 18 DVD set and begins your training with new possibilities and awareness. Includes several Knockout techniques from stationary and realistic moving attacks This is a great tool to introduce people to Kyusho!


Evan-Pantazi DVD’s

You can also learn about different martial arts styles. This wiki will also improve your martial arts agility , balance , conditioning , flexibility , speed , etc. Please help others by adding info to this wiki. Page Date - 22 Jul FYI - We will be transferring to a new software platform this summer in order to be better viewed on mobile devices, etc.


The Secrets of Kyusho - Pressure Point Fighting.pdf

Those days are long past, however, and the reality of knockouts resulting from usage of human pressure points has been convincingly demonstrated time and time again — most notably by Black Belt Hall of Fame member and kyusho-jitsu expert George Dillman and his students. Nowadays, two main criticisms of kyusho-jitsu persist. The first consists of dire warnings that self-defense moves using pressure-point techniques are dangerous and that those who practice them by actually knocking each other out are reckless and foolhardy. This accusation was later found to be groundless. For decades now, the once-secret art of kyusho-jitsu has been publicly taught and demonstrated. Thousands of students now practice the methods of kyusho-jitsu, and an untold number of people have been knocked out practicing its self-defense moves, some on numerous occasions.


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