I was particularly glad to get this book as a present from my girlfriend. Being rather fond of Polish literature lately, I have to confess how I had never heard before about this book as well as its author. This ignorance of mine made the surprise even greater. And yet King Matt is apparently a milestone in children books in Poland, while Janusz Korczak himself was a famous pedagogist with an interesting As far as I know, King Matt the First is a novel for children like no one other around. And yet King Matt is apparently a milestone in children books in Poland, while Janusz Korczak himself was a famous pedagogist with an interesting personal story and brave ideas on how to educate the young generations.

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Got Matt tries to read and answer all his mail by himself and finds that the volume is too much and he needs to rely on secretaries. King Matt the First Polish: Unemployment was high, and poverty was widespread. However, the book reflects stereotypes common at the time in its general depiction of Africans as savage cannibals. Print Hardcoverpaperback. Krol Macius Pierwszy Lektury : Janusz Korczak : In — Korczak became a director of Dom Sierot, an orphanage of his own design for Jewish children in Warsaw, where he formed a kind of a republic for children with its own small parliament, court and newspaper.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Poland, which had not existed as a sovereign nation during the 19th century the period — — see History of Poland — had just reemerged from the ashes of World War I. Views Read Edit View history. King Matt the First US edition. Matt tries to organize the children of the entire world to hold processions and demand their rights — and ends up antagonizing other kings. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Like his macuus, Korczak went to death with dignity, refusing sanctuary to accompany his young charges to the Treblinka extermination camp in Finally, he is overthrown by the invasion of three foreign armies and exiled to a desert island.

At the beginning of his reign, Matt enacts several bold reforms aimed at improving peirwszy for the people of his kingdom, especially the children, but in spite of his best intentions reality gets in the way producing many unintended consequences from silly to sinister.

Korczak often employed the form of the fairy tale in order to prepare his young readers for the dilemmas and difficulties of adult life, and the need to make responsible decisions. The novel was written at a time of great turmoil and hardship, and comments on contemporary and historical events. On their last march through the city of Warsaw, one of the children carried the green flag of King Matt [3]. The book has been described as being as popular in Poland as Peter Pan was in the English-speaking world.

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