Page 6: Installation. To prevent accidents caused by unaccustomed work or electric shock, request the electric expert or engineer of our dealers when adjusting the electrical components. Caution When the changing procedure is wrong, the control box will be broken. So, be very careful. Page 9 4 Installing the sewing machine main unit WARNING : To prevent possible accidents caused by the fall of the sewing machine, perform the work by two persons or more when the machine is moved.

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Migrel Lift of the work clamp. Standard Adjustment 3 Adjusting the presser lifter origin sensor 1 Adjusting the senor Draw backward. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Adjustment Procedures Results of Improper Adjustment 1. Computer-controlled, high-speed, buttonholing machine 5 pages. Provided as standard stepping motor type. Search Import Export Data of India Put the sewing machine in the bobbin thread trimming adjustment mode with level 2 of memory switch.

Detailed Explanation Of Continuous Stitching When main motor 3 interferes with the presser lifter motor and it is difficult to remove it, loosen four setscrews in the presser lifter motor and slightly move the presser lifting motor to the side.

Head Sensor Circuit Diagram 9 Head sensor circuit diagram — — Loosen setscrews 1 and adjust so that the longitudinal position time of trimming and cannot be of the trimmer is set to 0 to 3 mm from the center of the needle trimmed.

Knife size inch B: Page — Power circuit diagram Single phase V Cloth cutting length S Page 25 Page 26 — Adjusting the bobbin thread trimming ori Computer-controlled, high-speed, lockstitch buttonholing machine 10 pages.

Page — Power circuit diagram Single phase Complete dry-head machine is RP bobbin case produced by installing non-lubrication Hook sleeve asm. Item Setting range Edit unit Remarks 1st clearance 0.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Adjusting Each Sensor 4.

Automatically computed from the size of the buttonhole. Page 13 Page 14 — Adjusting the rotary play of the cloth c Intermittent lbh by stepping motor. Page 99 5 Non-lubrication hook Part No. Page 51 Page 52 — Adjusting the timing belt of main shaft Remove presser roller installing base 0 0. Thanks to the multiple knife-dropping function, it is no longer required that the knife be changed at the buttonhole size is changed.

Adjust so that backlash is 0. Troubles And Corrective Measures — 97 — Knife groove width, right S Fuse List 5 Fuse list Fuse list mounted on the respective printed circuit boards in the control box is shown in the table below. Loosen setscrew 2 in needle bar rocking lever, rear 1, and make a state that needle bar rocking frame 3 can move freely to the right and left. Pitch at parallel section Overedging width, left S Sewing settings can be easily changed.

Knife groove width, left — LBHA Series Computer-controlled, High-speed, Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine Thanks to the multiple knife-dropping function, it is no longer required that the knife be changed at the buttonhole size is changed. Strip off the tape and wipe off jki the plane of washer 3.

Import Data and Price of juki lbh Zauba The knife supports sewing lengths of 41mm at the maximum. Basting stitch mechanism is effective for the production of beautiful buttonholes. Disassembling the face plate section 1 Remove the face plate and the needle. TOP Related.


JUKI LBH-1790 Instruction Manual






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