This blog is dedicated to the examination of implausible and potentially harmful claims in the social sciences and mental health fields. This paper is a draft prepared for presentation at a meeting of the International Working Group on Abuses in Child Psychotherapy, London, April 20, In HT, parents hold young children ventre-a-ventre and restrain their movements during a period of an hour or more. The children resist, scream, and cry, and the parents speak to the child of their own negative and positive emotions about the child. The child is expected to reach a peak of resistance, then to calm, and to end the session with positive feelings on both sides. Similar methods can be used with older children, but larger children lie supine while the parent usually the mother lies on top of them and restrains them with her body weight.

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В любом случае, они думают, прежде чем что-то делать. Среди Весов можно найти горячих личностей, но это очень редкие исключения. Эти люди искренние, честные и порядочные. Они считают, что очень трудно терпеть шумное, грубое или оскорбительное поведение и обращение. С другой стороны, в странах Азии, змеи ценятся, и ценились за свою мудрость и прозорливость. Человек, рожденный в этом знаке, чувствителен и полон юмора. Женщина красива и часто пробивается по жизни, используя свой дар привлекательности.

Люди клена чувствуют себя хорошо, когда они являются лидерами, потому что у них есть естественный авторитет, большие амбиции и гордость. Они могут легко увлечься новыми вещами, и им легко заинтересовать и других, но они обычно не могут реализовать свои идеи без помощи других. Зачастую, путешествия приводят ко встречам с важными людьми и помогают обрести ценный жизненный опыт.

У них высокий уровень умственной активности и они способны справиться со многими трудностями. Им нужна безопасная обстановка на работе и дома. Они работают усердно и могут сделать состояние. Они хороши в бизнесе и торговли. Они внимательны, надежны, считаются с другими.


Jiřina Prekopová

Daijora These studies examine the effects of a specific treatment in ways that follow the rules established for evidence-based treatments Sackett et al. American Journal of Psychoanalysis, 67, He advised a mother to sit on her child for hours at a time and to restrict his diet to nonpreferred foods. But in the last few years it has become plain that although HT is not common, it does happen in England, as has been described at http: The rituals of child restraint are reminiscent of shamanistic practices, especially in their efforts to recapitulate events that were omitted in the past and which are thought to be affecting the present and future. Although these authors reported positive outcomes, they noted that a number of confounding variables, plus regression to the mean, could have had an effect on the results. This practice is not the same as HT, but contains similar belief elements involving the power of physical contact and the possibility of recapitulation of early steps in development. He saw the development of autism as involving reactions of the child to unpredictability; self-stimulation, for example, was seen as altering consciousness and further reducing the responsiveness of the child to social stimulation. By this I mean that it is based on implausible assumptions, at odds with conventional understanding of personality and early development, and is also without a systematic evidence basis with a foundation of randomized controlled trials or well-designed nonrandomized trials.


Psychologička Jiřina Prekopová: Zo žien sú chlapi, otcom chýba autorita, deti sú chúďatká



Psycholožka: Z žen jsou chlapi, otcům chybí autorita, děti jsou chudáci


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