К тому же комплект из колонок ES-серии сравнительно недорог — еще одно достоинство. Такое многообразие ES-серии позволяет собирать на ее основе большое количество комплектов для стереосистем и ДК, мы уже неоднократно обращали внимание на колонки линейки в своих тестах, но все варианты еще далеко не исчерпаны. Но особое внимание нужно обратить, конечно, не на многочисленность, а на неизменные актуальность и конкурентоспособность этой серии. В данном комплекте акустики для ДК 5. JBL ES80 — младшие напольные модели серии, имеют массивные корпуса из MDF, скрепленные стяжками в критических местах, определяемых разработчиками с помощью сканирующего лазерного виброметра.

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So this is my first ever review so any feedback would be most helpful. The ES has a 10 inch front firing driver and a down-firing 3 inch port. It is powered by a watt RMS amplifier. JBL states the frequency response is hz. It weighs about 40lbs and is a wedge shaped so the enclosure is narrower in the back than the front.

First Impressions: When I got the sub, it was single boxed but there was plenty of foam to keep space between the box and the sub. The sub was wrapped in a cloth-like bag and the grille was in a smaller box next to the sub. The box includes the power cable, instructions, grille and a long subwoofer cable. I was surprised to see a cable included and it was welcome even though I have a higher quality one ready for connection.

Taking the sub out, I could feel it had some weight to it and had a pretty good build. The enclosure feels nice and solid and the legs are sturdy. The top and front have a curved edge covered in a textured vinyl that has a bit of a shine to it and making it feel a little more premium.

The sides and back are just a plain black vinyl. The driver looks great and has a stiff driver with a durable looking rubber surround.

The way they mounted the driver also looks really good. The enclosure also has damping material on the walls which is a nice touch for the price. Listening: I used this in my primary system room which is in my basement about 17x 13 with 7 foot ceilings open to a space about the same size.

My room is tiled with a few rugs and two of the four walls are right up against concrete. I have been using the sub for about 6 months so it has been broken in. I have used some other subs before but this is the first true sub I have ever owned.

I have the sub crossed over at 80hz. For music, I have listened to rock, pop and techno. The sub could handle the music pretty well. The sub handled rock with great precision. I played some Simple Minds and Boston and it sounded great.

Movies is where this sub is really at home. The ES is raw power. It easily fills up the room with bass. It rumbles the house during good action sequences. Lord of the Rings sounds fantastic, especially the scene with the Balrog in the mines of Moria. There are times during movies where the sub gets really boomy compared to how it sounds in theaters but I like how it makes the movie seem more realistic.

It can handle most everything you throw at it without feeling like a one note wonder or just a rumble box. It is pretty articulate and most highly recommended to anyone looking at a budget friendly system. The stated frequency response is probably pretty close to its actual response. The sub is also pretty compact so if size is a concern it is decent size.


JBL ES150P Owner's Manual

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JBL ES150P (black) Specs


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