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Pinterest JBL is a well-known monitor speaker. It is widespread to use monitor speakers as Hi-Fi speakers in the audio industry. Although monitor speakers have direct characteristics, their accuracy and dynamic range can reproduce more details and create more vibrant colours, but they sound more vivid than ordinary Hi-Fi speakers. Therefore, many excellent professional monitor speakers are used as Hi-Fi speakers. JBL speakers have a large number of lovers in the Hi-Fi industry, especially Japanese users who believe in this brand. The position of JBL in global audio enthusiasts is beyond imagination.

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However, the model did not fully convince with its performance and later models were improved repeatedly. Both speakers do share the same series specification L-series , but their components are completely different, from the crossovers to the individual speakers, not much is similar. The L uses the H woofer with a far higher power handling than the L The H found usage in the companies home and professional speakers.

The L has the tweeter model , a by far better tweeter. With the 3 way speaker and bass-reflex setup, it provides an outstanding balance of high, medium, and low sound. The weight of the JBL L is a bit on the heavier side at 55 lbs for a set of 2. The nice features about the JBL L include the ability to adjust each level of sound individually to produce the right balance for any room size. The high and mid-frequency controls are hidden behind the removable grill and can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Placement of the speakers is paramount to optimal performance as is adjusting the level controls. The grill helps keep the exterior of the JBL L intact and help the speaker remain clean and attractive. Find out more about correct speaker placement and what kind of speakers should be positioned where and how.

The L is sometimes criticized for being overly bass-oriented. This can easily be adjusted, but in general it seems to be a frequent reason for complaints. This can easily be explained by its high price in the ies. Consumers who bought the L were very aware of its qualities and took good care of it. The most typical issues with this speaker are rotten speaker foams.

Ebay turned out to be a great resource for used speaker parts. The only downside with parts for the L is that they are fairly expensive. Replacing the foam surrounds of the speaker can be tricky, but if done correctly, can bring the speakers back to life.

Refoaming the L is a well worthwhile procedure. We recommend to use speaker foams by parts express. Alternatively, ask in one of the big HiFi forums, you will likely find assistance quickly.

JBL 4428 PDF

JBL JS-360

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JBL 4429 – A Monitoring Artifact


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