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Brad Kelechava 1 Comment A plentiful resource in industry because of its reliable support and stainless properties, steel is one of the most commonly used metals on the planet. However, as a ferrous metal, it is susceptible to corrosion through simultaneous exposure to moisture and oxygen. When the iron in steel oxidizes, it occupies approximately six times the volume of the original material , which can drastically compromise its structure. Protecting steel from corrosion is essential for securing its longevity, a task that is standardized through ISO ISO Standard ISO addresses a protective paint system that can prevent corrosion in carbon or low-alloy structural steel. This coating system delays the corrosion of the metal because it can seal off the surface of the steel from the local microclimate that surrounds it and would otherwise generate rust.

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How to specify a coating system using the ISO standard. Enero 27, by Carlos F. It is useful for owners of assets such as pipes and tanks who have a maintenance schedule. ISO has 8 parts, which are the following: Part 1: General introduction Part 2: Classification of environments Part 3: Design considerations Part 4: Types of surface and surface preparation Part 5: Protective paint systems Part 6: Laboratory performance test methods and associated assessment criteria Part 7: Execution and supervision of paintwork Part 8: Development of specifications for new work and maintenance ISO enlists several different examples of coating systems according to the corrosivity of the environment and the intended durability.

This information can be found in tables A. These systems have a proven track record. To understand it, it is necessary to have a certain background in coatings. How to select a coating system for your facility? Determine the corrosivity category of the environment where the structure will be located most of the time.

Step 3. Select the desired durability of the coatings system. Step 4. Look in Annex A for the relevant table. Tables A. Step 5. Identify in the table the coating system with the required durability. Step 6. Select the best sytem, having in mind the surface preparation method. Step 7. That means that every manufacturer has several brands of primer, intermediate and finish paints. Some manufacturers use the same system for similar applications so many times that these systems have started to have a name of their own.

In practice, some systems have much more than the specified 15 years of durability. Corrosivity category: C5M.


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