Malagami If your appliance is no longer opening or closing properly. If you have just replaced the door seal on your appliance then you may need this retainer clip to keep it firmly in place. Dear visitor, Have question about this product? Errors and omissions excepted.

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Tojalkis Personnel safety devices Check the guard rails, covers, and other protections. Seek medical attention, if required. Bear in mind the risk of burn injuries. Level regulators Check the condition and functionality. Install the drive unit on the pump housing. This is an example of a product code, and an explanation of its parts. Wash the skin with soap and water for at least one minute. Connect the suction line and discharge line.

Failure to do so could result in death or serious injury. The phase currents vary, or they are too high. Use a rubber mallet or a wooden block to prevent deformation. Never apply heat to impellers, propellers, or their retaining devices to aid in their removal.

Lay the drive unit end flygr its side. Due to its design it is best suited for pumps in a vertical position. Use an insulation tester. Hold a rag over the oil plug to prevent oil from spraying out. The insulation between the phases and ground in the stator is defective. If the motor cable is disconnected by mistake, the earthing grounding conductor needs to be disconnected last from its terminal. Unpack the unit 1. The screened cable is necessary to fulfill European CE requirements.

Fasten the screws on the entrance flange so that the cable insertion assembly bottoms out. Remove the impeller using a impeller puller for HS-versions. Make sure that you follow these requirements: Be careful when you align and position flygh discharge connection in relation to the access frame.

These methods must be adhered to. For information about how to transport and store the pump, see Transportation and Storage in the Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual. LL Replace the wear ring in the pump housing, diffuser ring, or suction cover Figure It includes replacement of key components and the measures taken during an inspection.

Place the discharge connection in position, and fpygt the nuts. Waste and emissions regulations Observe these safety regulations regarding waste and emissions: There is a malfunction in the overload protection. Product and product handling requirements These are the product and product handling requirements for Ex-approved products in potentially explosive Do NOT use the pump in highly corrosive liquids. These requirements and instructions are for Z-installations that comply to the dimensional drawing.

Inspect the fylgt to determine if any parts have been damaged or are missing. All non-English instructions are translations of the original instruction. Flygt — Alaska Pump and Supply They are connected in series in the stator and activate the alarm at overtemperature. For lift models, remove the lower diffuser instead. Remove the fuses or open the circuit breaker, and check that the impeller can be rotated freely.

Ex-approved products must always have the thermal contacts connected irrespective of the ambient temperature. If flyg unit is stored more than 6 months, rotate the shaft every other month to prevent the seals from sticking together.

Product and product positioning requirements Observe these flygtt for fylgt product and the product positioning: File a claim with the shipping company if anything is out of order. For the pump to perform at maximum capacity, the impeller must be adjusted regularly. Find the leaks and seal them. Adjust the impeller, if necessary. For more information, see Check the impeller rotation. TOP Related Posts.





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