Часть первая I В конце ноября, в оттепель, часов в девять утра, поезд Петербургско-Варшавской железной дороги на всех парах подходил к Петербургу. Было так сыро и туманно, что насилу рассвело; вдесяти шагах, вправо и влево от дороги, трудно было разглядеть хоть что-нибудь из окон вагона. Из пассажиров были и возвращавшиеся из-за границы; но более были наполнены отделения для третьего класса, и всё людом мелким и деловым, не из очень далека. Все, как водится, устали, у всех отяжелели за ночь глаза, все назяблись, все лица были бледно-желтые, под цвет тумана.

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JoJorisar Still full of youthful idealism, he craves love and recognition from others, but their indifference and his own morbid self-obsession lead him to increasing extremes of cynicism and defiance. Part 1, Chapter 5, pp 70— The Epanchins go abroad and Aglaya elopes with a wealthy, exiled Polish count who later idiota dostojewski discovered to be neither wealthy, nor a count, nor an exile—at least, not a political exile—and who, along with a Catholic priest, has turned her against her family.

Share your thoughts with other customers. He distracts them by pretending to abandon the plan, then suddenly pulls out a small pistol, puts it to his temple and pulls the trigger. Aglaya idiotta this as evidence that Nastasya Filippovna is in love with him herself, and demands that Myshkin explain his feelings toward her.

For idiotq remainder of the day he calmly fulfills his social obligations to guests and members of the public. But his innocence is serious rather than comical, and he has a deeper insight into the psychology of human beings in general by assuming its presence in everyone else, even as they laugh at him, or try to deceive and exploit him. The theme of the maleficent influence of Catholicism on the Russian soul is expressed, in a less obvious and polemical way, through the character of Aglaya Epanchin.

Myshkin himself merely experiences an uncomplicated joy in her presence and is mortified when she appears to be angry with him. No, a human being should not be treated like that! He tries to approach the subject of Nastasya Filippovna again, but she silences him and hurriedly leaves. They are interrupted by General Epanchin who wants Myshkin to walk with him.

The title is an ironic reference to the central character dkstojewski the novel, Prince Knyaz Lev Nikolayevich Myshkina young man whose goodness, open-hearted simplicity and guilelessness lead many of the more worldly characters he encounters to mistakenly assume that he lacks intelligence and insight.

Despite the tension between them, they part as friends, with Rogozhin even making a gesture of concession. Nastasya Filippovnathe main female protagonist, is darkly beautiful, intelligent, fierce and mocking, an intimidating figure to most of the other characters. He readily engages with them and speaks with remarkable candor on a wide variety of subjects — his illness, his impressions of Switzerland, art, philosophy, love, death, the brevity of life, capital punishment, and donkeys.

Later, when he is conversing with the Epanchin sisters, the Prince suggests to Adelaida, who dostojdwski asked him for a subject to paint, that she paint the face of a condemned man a minute before the guillotine falls. Nastasya Filippovna again addresses herself to Yevgeny Pavlovich, and in the same jolly tone as before loudly informs him that his uncle—a wealthy and respected old man from whom he is expecting a large inheritance—has shot himself and that a huge sum of government money is missing.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Rogozhin openly starts bidding for Nastasya Filippovna, ending with an offer of a hundred thousand rubles. The artistic method of conscientiously testing his central idea meant that the author could not always predict where the plot was going as he was writing. LEY PDF Thus events unfold dialogicallyas a consequence of the interaction between discrete voices, not as a consequence of authorial design:.

The Prince wanders for some time in the park before falling asleep at the green seat appointed by Aglaya as their meeting place. This article is about the Dostoevsky novel.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Ganya shows him a photograph of her, and he is particularly struck by the dark beauty of her face. In his notes Dostoevsky distinguishes the Prince from iditoa characters of the virtuous type in fiction such as Don Quixote and Pickwick by emphasizing innocence rather than comicality. He is taken home, having left a decidedly negative impression on the guests. Ganya and the General openly discuss the subject in front of Myshkin. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

But the Odiota remains troubled and for the next few hours he wanders the streets, immersed in intense contemplation. For further discussion of the major characters see the article Prince Myshkin.

Eventually he falls asleep and the party disperses. Fiodor Dostojewski She is proud, commanding and impatient, but also full of arch idota, laughter and innocence, and the Prince is particularly drawn to her after the darkness of his time with Nastasya Filippovna and Rogozhin.

I do not stand behind the novel, but I do stand behind the idea. Why such mockery — ugly, iditoa, futile? TOP Related Articles.


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