Extensive quotes of similar material are found in classical authors such as Joannes Stobaeus. Parts of the Hermetica appeared in the 2nd-century Gnostic library found in Nag Hammadi. Other works in Syriac , Arabic , Coptic and other languages may also be termed Hermetica — another famous tract is the Emerald Tablet , which teaches the doctrine "as above, so below". For a long time, it was thought that these are themselves remnants of a more extensive literature, part of the syncretic cultural movement that also included the Neoplatonic philosophy of the Greco-Roman mysteries and late Orphic and Pythagorean literature and influenced Gnostic forms of the Abrahamic religions. However, there are significant differences: [7] the Hermetica are little concerned with Greek mythology or the technical minutiae of metaphysical Neoplatonism. In addition, Neoplatonic philosophers, who quote works of Orpheus , Zoroaster and Pythagoras , cite Hermes Trismegistus less often.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Hermetica, Vol. The Hermetica is intricate and full of surprises! VG text, solid binding. May 01, Pages. Book is bright and very tightly bound with slight edge wear acott.

The Wisdom of Yoga. Also, included in the book are accounts as to how and when the texts might have been compiled, along This complete translation of the Corpus Hermeticum by Walter Scott is a masterpiece. Say What You Mean.

Used book in very good condition. Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. But if you have power to see with the eyes of the mind, then, my son, He will manifest himself to you. Matthew rated it it was amazing Oct 17, The Perfect Sermon or Asclepiuswhich is also included here, reached the Renaissance by a different route. The Way of Qigong. He believed every human was basically decent regardless of class, religion, politics, or ancestry.

The Myth of Sisyphus. Daniel Klein and Thomas Cathcart. Though missing some important sections and passages due to damages to the original manuscripts, the book still conveys the essential Divine laws and principles of the Kemtic civilization. I Think, Therefore I Draw. Mindful Eating on the Go.

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Better World Books Ltd Condition: The Waverley Novels express his belief in the need for social progress that does not reject the traditions of the past.

He contributed several papers to classical journals in EnglandAustralia and Canadaand devoted his later years to the preparation of an edition of the text of Hermetica, The Ancient Greek and Latin Writings which contain Religious or Philosophic Teachings, ascribed to Hermes Trismegistuswith an English translation and notes.

Hermetica — Vol 3: Very good plus to near fine paperback with a very small dog ear to the rear jacket. Return to Waoter Page. The fifteen tractates of the Corpus Hermeticumalong with the Perfect Scogt or Asclepiusare the foundation documents of the Hermetic tradition. TOP Related Posts.


Hermetica Vol Two

Shat The Perfect Sermon is substantially longer than any other surviving work of ancient Hermetic philosophy. The result, predictably, was that most of that output has effectively been blacklisted in academic circles ever since. Gregory Peters rated it it was amazing Jul 19, If, as the scholars of the Renaissance believed, Hermes was a historical person who had written all these things, and if Church Fathers had quoted his philosophical works with approval, and if those same works could be shown to be wholly in keeping with some definitions of Christianity, then the whole structure of magical Hermeticism could be given a second-hand legitimacy in a Christian context. Stay in Touch Sign up.



From —86 Scott was a fellow of Merton College. The book is concerned with the classical texts preserved in the papyri found at the Villa of the Papyri in Herculaneum , and contains, besides the catalogue proper, a number of edited papyrus texts with commentary, including works of Philodemus. At Sydney, Scott took much interest in the university as a whole. His health was, however, not good and in at his own suggestion his chair was divided, and he became professor of Greek. Scott carried out the duties of this chair for about 10 years, but resigned due to continued ill-health in August


Hermetica, Vol. 1


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