However, some of the I Ching correspondences in the Minors caused me to scratch my head. It suggests a transitory period, one where a period of darkness, of inferior overtaking superior forces, of the noble being wounded, is coming to a close soon, and there is light along the horizon. Then others match really, really well, and got me excited. Most of them, actually, worked out really well.

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I love this deck for the imagery contained within the cards. Only a small pamphlet came with the cards themselves so I felt it necessary to purchase the companion books for both the Major and Minor Arcana when I first bought the deck. This is the first and only deck I have ever owned. I felt an immediate attachment to this deck and have spent years bonding with these cards. After almost two decades with the Haindl Tarot, I continue to be amazed by some of the new insights I have whenever I use the cards, meditate with them or look at them.

I would highly recommend this deck and the books to people, but I will also say that choosing the appropriate deck all comes down to individual preference. If you feel a strong connection to this deck, buy it. If not, choose another brand of tarot cards. Prince rated it it was amazing Wish I could get a copy of this. I thought it was two volumes. Oh, well. I have the deck and love it! If you love tarot, are looking for a new deck, are eclectic in your belief systems, this is for you.

The artwork is spectacular, engaging, magical, poly-cultural and delightful. The meaning of The Fool made me think of the character Hamlet. Rest, in music, meaning an interval of silence between Very interesting book. Rest, in music, meaning an interval of silence between notes. Another interesting thing about The Fool, his limitations, is Pollack saying he is a necessary stage everyone passes but one in which we cannot stay forever, otherwise in this state of nothingness we would never change and therefore never acquire wisdom.

Wilhelm Stekel, an austrian psychiatrist, in a book I read recently, states that in order that we go on in life psychologicaly healthy we must let our infantile needs and urges behind us, he understands many neuroses as forms of infantile fixations, things that bar our maturing.


The Haindl Tarot: The Minor Arcana

Card Size: 2. The Haindl tarot is a serious, and at times even mournful deck, which has really stepped outside the bounds of convention. And symbolism? The unique artistic style somehow brings a cohesiveness to this amazingly eclectic deck.


Haindl Tarot

This deck separates the minors from the courts. I come from a primarily RWS background and these Minors cards ace - 10 have a very different feel to them, both in that they are Thoth-like "moody minors" rather than illustrated and in their intention. Cards 2 - 10 each have an I Ching hexagram on them. The book does a very good job of explaining the meaning of the card and the intention in choosing the hexagram Haindl did.

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