About Glenn Dietzel Glenn Dietzel, M. He is extremely happily married to his wife, Fiona. They have 2 sons, Calum, aged 5, and Cameron, aged 3.

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About Glenn Dietzel Glenn Dietzel, M. He is extremely happily married to his wife, Fiona. They have 2 sons, Calum, aged 5, and Cameron, aged 3. Glenn is also the president and founder of Teacher eBooks. Teacher eBooks also helps educators from all areas become published authors and showcase their expertise to an international online community www.

Take an educational eBook eCourse in the comfort of your own home www. Glenn has co-authored a number of eBooks www. Teacher eBooks offers a number of free resources including a free eZine, free daily tips, free reports, and free educational eBooks.

Teacher Feature Learning With an Attitude! As we have used these learning situations with our students and children to discuss the importance of body language, eBook technology capitalizes on a similar learning experience in the digital domain.

Optimal learning is all about the "body language" of the information to be deliveredLearning with an attitude! Just as you enjoy dining out with your favourite person and expect your food to be presented in a favourable manner, which will only entice you to eat, the presentation of your knowledge is equally important and now doable with eBook technology. No more dependence on hard-cover and soft-cover text and work books. No more black and white pictures. No more black and white ink!

Serve up your knowledge with all the pedagogical enhancements that eBook technology can offer. What are the benefits of using eBook technology in the classroom? They facilitate the e-learning revolution. And they do this with pedagogical style, verve, and class!

This short article will demonstrate the overriding benefits of eBook technology portability, interactivity, and versatility. Although each of these domains will be treated separately, in reality they work synergistically one with another. Creating an eBook with maximum pedagogical benefits is as much an art as it is a science.

Portability eBooks can be transported at the speed of light thank you fibre optic technology any where around the world instantly. Saving an eBook on disk or CD after compressing it into a ZIP file can allow for the bundling of information into a mass of electrons being beamed across the Internet. No more heavy text books.

No more articles and feature stories from chiropractors and the news media about concerns of heavy back packs. Information in the pre-knowledge era was confined to the printed page: it was locked-up in ink and paper.

In the knowledge era, information is digital, which of course is essential for portability, interactivity, and versatility. Hyperlinks to source materials makes their utilization of important pedagogical implications. What eBooks are notThey are not the digitalization of offline textbooks. Also, eBooks are not exactly the straight compiling of documents that you might have. No, eBooks are much, much more that this. The pedagogical benefits of eBooks greatly exceed the benefits of traditional text material.

The ability to create hotspots links or hyperlinks can also allow the reader to access files created by other applications, forms, JavaScript commands and multimedia files such as movies and sounds. An eBook properly created can have all the functions of your web browser. Interactivity A huge benefit that eBook technology offers over traditional print is the interactivity of knowledge previously mentioned. Adding Colour eBook technology allows you to provide colour and format your eBook any which way you like and for no added monetary increases over black and white traditional formats.

Adding colour and interactivity does not require extra cost. With the editing tools found in Adobe Acrobat you can make your enhancements easily. Adding colour makes learning easier. Changing the color background i. Colour enhancements can be done easily. This allows large amounts of information to be sectioned more distinctly. Include links to source material on the Internet of pictures and diagrams and enhance your eBook even more. The highlight tool on the Commenting toolbar allows students to practice highlighting important material.

Students can practice picking out the key information and then summarizing these highlights into their own words using the Note tool. The pencil tool allows for students to circle and mark-up information. It also allows teachers to mark work that students send them online. The strike-out tool is very useful in the editing phase of work. Font Size Change the font size of your text and help students who are hard of seeing. Changing the font size of your eBook can also help you increase the readability of the text.

Change the column widths of your material for students. Writing in columns of no more than five to seven words will help students to become better readers. By manipulating the number of words to a line, this facilitates reading comprehension. Use software such as ACEReader to help students improve their reading rate and retention of information.

Slow reading is the result of two main problems: re-reading and subvocalization. ACEReader is designed to help one overcome these problems, making one a more proficient reader while reading eBooks and other online material. Sound Capabilities Sound can be used for several key pedagogical benefits. You can create sound files so that students can play back the reading as they read a passage of text.

You can also use sound files to give instructions for assignments. Students can play them back to review them. Hot Spots and Bookmarking Capabilities Imagine transporting back and forth across a book instantaneously. Imagine seeing all the chapter headings and key subsections always! Imagine using the Internet at the same time as you are reading thru a book.

Impossible you might say? With eBook technology this is a realization. At the least, these features make navigating an eBook so much easier. Forms Adding forms to your eBook increases the involvement of students. Students can also use forms to complete projects over the Internet. Students can work collaboratively with their peers from other countries as they complete their assignments with an international flavor.

Creating hotspots hyperlinks to key movie clips will enhance the pedagogical nature of your eBook. The author can also be as creative as one would like to be.

However, parts of the eBook to be read offline if any , should be formatted to save space and hence paper, ink, and photocopying. It is important to realize that an eBook will probably have three distinct areas of formatting with respect to curriculum delivery.

Material intended to be read only by teachers can be formatted in the most efficient manner possible so that it can be printed in the fewest pages possible. Finally, the areas of an eBook meant to be printed out for students i. Communication and many of our relationships are dependent on this language system.

Web designers know that web browser differences can result in changes in their intended messages by altering their presentationstheir designed pages.

Remember the statement at the beginning of this article, "It is not what you say, it is how you say it! Adobe Acrobat is the answer as it is universal in conveying the intended message of the sender. Because the intended message can be captured in the compilation process compilation is the process of transforming your authoring application document into a PDF fileeBook , knowledge is now more versatile.

It is platform-independent creating a "universal language. All this with a simple click on the proper hotspot. Bookmarks and a Table of Contents with each chapter title associated to its source material by a hotspot facilitate the versatile nature of eBook technology. Bookmarks also allow someone to see your Table of Contents at all times while reading your eBook, aiding the navigational process. Furthermore, the ability to make changes quickly and timely creates a "living" document.

Buyers of eBooks can get these updated changes virtually in real-time and at no added cost. This feature give tremendous pedagogical value over traditional print formats, especially in curriculum areas where knowledge can go out of date in months, days, or even hours!

The method of communication is as important, if not more so, then the message conveyed. How we convey something is weighed against what we say. If our presentation is not congruent with the intent of our message, we fail to communicate to the degree our body language is out of sync with our message.

Body language is everything. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


Glenn Dietzel

With this Certification and Distributorship Program, once they are certified, they will be able to co-author and co-brand their business using the very same systems that I dketzel without having to create their own systems. The goal of Education Based Selling is to make your prospective clients smarter. For Our Joint Venture Partners Only … If you are an entrepreneurial CEO, small business owner or professional wanting to create a an expert stream of income, you will want to be part of a new Expert Alliance. Contacting Glenn Dietzel Office phone number: The highly qualified team at Awakened LLC have the systems in place to deliver your backend mentoring on your behalf.


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