Chapters Table Of Contents In the Pre rec mode, recording is made from the audio pooled in the buffer. What would your TC source be? You can record the slate tone to the beginning of an audio file during recording, as well as match the level between the DV and an external device. Metadata flows from the master to the slave units with a machine designator written in the file header. That would likely be pretty inaccurate, as it would depend on the interface clock. Website design by The Detective Agency In accordance with our policy of continuous development, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

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For the past 39 years, Patel has found the changes in technology and television entertainment compelling enough to keep him interested and excited about what he does. Tracy enjoys her job, loves her clients, and is excited to be at Imagecraft. Tracy moved from a small town in Northern California to the Los Angeles area in In her spare time Tracy likes to garden, travel, paint furniture, and play softball.

She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Tracy is especially close to her two children, Kourtnee and Brandon, and has a boxer named Dude. Jason has been in the television production industry for over 20 years. Efren is a born and raised Californian who has been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. Efren has experience working with cameras, lenses, operating switcher boards, working as a lighting tech and grip.

Efren is hands on and face to face with clients on a daily basis at Imagecraft. Nick Casas has been working in rental houses for over 10 years. Nick works alongside his brother Jason Casas and Efren Navarro building, shipping, and receiving equipment for clients.

Nick loves to play golf and enjoys spending as much time with his family as possible. He really enjoys the fast pace work flow of a shop and learning about the new innovative equipment. JC loves a great game of golf, shooting firearms, playing slow pitch softball, fishing, and spending any chance he gets with family. In , Rob moved to Los Angeles where he began doing freelance production work. In a land where the evil Emperor K-os reigns, one girl embarks on a journey to restore order, schedules, and the integrity of math for the people of the land, The Crew.

Meet Lindsay. In , she headed to LA in search of a challenge. There she found a properly equipped battle station where she continues to coordinate her plans. Will she ever defeat her lifelong nemesis, K-os? Will she find the enduring strength to do battle with his minions, The Producers?

Will she become the hero we need? Now playing in a Burbank rental house near you. Ben Fuller is originally from small town Massachusetts, and moved to LA in to pursue acting. He started at Imagecraft in , and transitioned pretty early on from runner to shop tech, and shortly after to shop manager. I still maintain open lines of communication with the shop staff, which has evolved quite a bit since my days in the trenches.

Mark Alexander has been in the TV industry since Mark started his career at B. They have 2 kids and a miniature dachshund named Cool. He loves wine tasting, plays in a dodge ball league, and is an avid reader of history and non-fiction books.

Gene Duggan has worked for Imagecraft Productions since Gene started his career in the TV production industry in at B. In his spare time, Gene enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons and playing golf, softball, and basketball.


Fostex DV824 Owner's Manual Supplement

But, then again, you would expect nothing less from Fostex. It therefore seemed only natural to use the technology for a brand new breed of multitrack recorder. Innovative Modular Approach Fostex have identified that different applications require different interfacing options. For example, TV show recording will require timecode facilities, whereas live stage recording will not. Taking a leaf out of desktop computer design and to broaden the appeal of the machine across multiple applications and environments, the DV employs a unique modular card-frame approach. Primary recording and playback functions, along with metering, user interface and disc management, are all handled by the powerful mainframe, with additional functionality, such as timecode , available via plug-in cards. However, there is a lot more to the DV than its unique card-frame construction.





Fostex DV824 Owner's Manual


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