Z part accuracy includes an additional tolerance of Note: Accuracy is geometry-dependent. Read and understand CAD files natively to help you simplify the preparation, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting of all your print jobs. GrabCAD Print offers an efficient workflow that streamlines job management in shared office and model shop environments using Stratasys 3D Printers. Print directly from CAD Stay up to date with notifications Monitor material levels Organize print queues Insight Software lets you print directly from your favorite CAD formats, eliminating the STL conversion and adjusting you used to do before printing. Optimize your productions with advanced control options that automatically adjust support structures and material extrusion paths, while giving you the ability to pause production in order to change materials or embed hardware or circuitry.

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Pin Bottom Line A complete package with a massive build area and an eye-watering range of materials, the Fortus MC is a reliable workhorse any professional manufacturer would benefit from immensely. Not so much a 3D printer as a 3D production system if we go by the marketing documentation written up Stratasys, the Fortus MC is more akin to a supersized double fridge than the small compact hobbyist alternatives we are accustomed to reviewing here at 3D Beginners.

So, what does this beast of a printer have to offer and does its printing prowess match up with its imposing size? Rest assured this is not an error on our part; the MC does indeed weigh upwards of a ton. Size aside, the design of the Fortus MC is reminiscent of an MRI machine or large scale microscope with a clean, smooth contoured look complimented by a black and white color scheme. The chamber is fully enclosed for maximum temperature control and comes with a variety of doors to access different parts of the printer including a canister bay door, oven door, and more.

Most of these access points are reserved for servicing, and the Fortus MC is designed so that the oven door opens easily for access to the print bed. For such a large machine, the Fortus MC uses standard FDM technology with a meaty XY gantry running on belted servo stepper motors as well as a beefy Z- stage running on two belt driven lead screws powered by another servo stepper motor.

The printer is available with a build volume of either mm x mm x mm, or mm x mm x mm. The size is enormous but is appropriate given the size of the machine. Resolution wise, both the X and Y axes are accurate up to dpi, while the Z-axis reaches dpi. Layer resolutions range from to microns depending on speed and the type of material being used. A dual extruder setup can produce standard filament as well as support structures simultaneously.

It can reach temperatures up to degree Celsius. The chamber, or oven as Stratasys fittingly calls it, can reach an ambient temperature up to degrees Celsius. The build platform is rather interesting as it incorporates a waffle pattern on the top surface that allows a vacuum to hold the one time use plastic build sheet on which models are deposited in place across its entire surface.

The Fortus MC is also fitted with an automatic tip cleaning mechanism consisting of brushes and debris chutes that clean the extruder tips of any filament build up. Additionally, the Fortus MC has an inbuilt air dryer system that rids loaded filament from damaging moisture. The size of the Fortus MC is somewhat of a mystery at first, but when we find out it is compatible with a headache-inducing litany of materials, it all starts to fall into place.

Put simply, it handles all manner of ABS filament, alongside a healthy array of support materials. The Fortus MC is controlled by a four-line 40 character monochromatic control panel and keypad. Connectivity is assured through Ethernet, which is typical for industrial grade printers and allows access to an extensive network of workstations for rapid print triggering and monitoring.

Finally, to round off the features, the Fortus MC runs with the Stratasys engineered job processing and print management software tandem of Insight and Control Center.

As such, there is no assembly or setup. The printer arrives with a user guide, start-up kit, quick reference card, ethernet cable, vacuum plate, filter, bulb, Kapton catcher, consumable brush assembly, consumable shim, purge ledge, canister box, kit tray, brush, cutters, wrench, scraper, screwdriver, pliers, tweezers, magnifier, knife, magnetic scriber, hex ball end, long arm key, chute cleaner, cotton wiper, gloves, and sleeve.

Printing The quality of the prints produced by the Fortus MC rivals that of injection-molded alternatives with a faithfulness that is nearing impeccable regardless of the material used. Our tests rendered robust, highly finished, and splendid looking tests with every use. We found it ideal for all steps of the manufacturing process from early prototyping to near end-user products. The range of resolutions and speeds means it can produce high quality, complex geometry models as well as rough and ready test prints in equal measure.

The warranty on the Fortus MC is a comprehensive one year deal that covers all eventualities. Verdict The Fortus MC is a versatile and robust machine that should suit designers and engineers alike especially those that require faithful prototypes for mechanical and pre-manufacturing tests.

The print quality is unsurprisingly excellent and worthy of the price tag and size of the printer. It is geared towards large part production, and it is within this realm that it truly shines. As such, workshops with small part requirements may not benefit fully from the might of this behemoth. You Might Also Like These.


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