Everything seemed fairly logically laid out and after a quick skim I felt fairly confident in giving it a go. Everything seemed fairly logical and streamlined. Boarding and tiny flyers now Short Ranged Spacecraft were the two biggest improvements and I hope variations of these two systems see use in Dystopian Wars. So it is definitely something you save though on the other hand, with AP not getting drained, you no longer risk counter-boarding just for doing it but under the new system it is also quite effective. First things first, capturing a ship outright is a lot rarer.

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They also suffer a lot from getting most of their AD from overlapping weapon systems. Finally, with more overlapping systems being the main source of firepower, damage will cause them to degrade a lot faster. Dindrenzi are putting more damage out to longer range and getting a boost to crits from their kinetics. The RSN are more flexible in terms of firepower dispersal, but Dindrenzi knock them out of the park for number of dice in a given range-band.

Just look at the Banshee vs. And since the bonus to kinetics is all about crits, this is a good thing. The Ret is also putting out more torpedoes 10AD at each range band , and since it will do damage earlier and more often, the torpedoes are that much more valuable early on.

And of course, the Ret has an extra 2HP meaning it will be harder to down thus denying a big point-sink to the enemy. The Banshee has AP, more flexible arcs, better DR good early damage mitigation against long-range fleets, though less useful against knife-fighters. The Banshee with a load of upgrades can become a very good ship, quite maneuverable and good at its job. The Ret is one of those ships you can basically take for the base cost maybe turn upgrade and it will be just fine.

Next, we have the venerable Nausicaa versus the Spectre. This is a trick that can gut even a cruiser squadron and makes things very uncomfortable for knife-fighter types.

So they are both able long-ranged combatant, but the Nausicaa has a very unique trick up its sleeve that makes it a great pick in a Dindrenzi fleet. A Gladius Squadron or Carrier with Gladius attachement put on reserve will rip things apart in close.

They are a real game-changer for the Dindrenzi. The Spook and Secutor are basically different ships with different roles. One is meant to hide in the shadows, lobbing torps and trying not to get stuck in. The secutor is a ship of the line that can either be used as a great reserve hitter a surprise of 16AD out to 24" plus the torps is a nice way to go.

And top it all off with an 8AD mine attack as a followup usually enough to frighten cruisers quite easily. The Spook is all about delivering its one attack. The Secutor is kind of a swiss army knife with a great answer at every range.

You have to be patient, you have to track range and control it carefully usually crawling forward early game until you can hit initiative off and leap to 24" and deliver the pain. It also takes forward planning to properly seed your rear with mines, making it hard for the enemy to dance around you without setting off a series of attacks that will cripple them in short order.

It also takes a really keen eye to deployment and use of reserves in order to control the deployment phase itself. They take a very measured approach and they punish mistakes pretty heavily now. In most cases the RSN are trading off focused firepower for greater flexibility. If your playstyle is more overtly aggressive and all about getting mixed up, then they will look like a good deal even in the places where they are more expensive.

But with Dindrenzi a level head and patience pay off in spades. A few things to look in to for help with Dindrenzi tactics are to take a look at the deployment rules and how you can use reserves to take up activations and force your enemy to put down key units before you commit anything important and the Dindrenzi have a lot of ships that excel from reserve.

Next is to look at doing a split deployment rather than a single clump. Deploying two groups in opposite corners puts the enemy in a tough place. Go for the easy group and present easy targets to the rest or split up and present targets to both. Very handy in a split deployment if they manage to finally get under your guns. It usually allows you to coordinate things so that each squadron is firing at a target that is currently chasing another squadron.

Once you start to jive with their unique style of play, you will come to treasure the extra AD you can wring out of a well-played Dindrenzi fleet. If they play brawler against a dedicated Aquan fleet, they will be hurting. If they try to play sniper against a Dindrenzi fleet, then they will find themselves picked apart from extreme range. Dindrenzi line up well with some of my favourite play-style choices and give me the tools I need to do the job in a fashion I like.

Extra AD, better range bands, more focused firepower the Ret and Cataphract being the only ones that really buck the trend here and just enough things propping them up in their blind spots to keep them from folding when folks get in close. Their brawler ships are actually great brawlers Sgian, Gladius, Cataphract, Claymore, and Praetorian and can do some interesting things to the playstyle of the faction.

They have their strengths, they have their weaknesses and if the two meet on the field, the getter admiral will decide it every time.


Firestorm Armada

This wiki is still very new, and theres lots of information about FA, so if you are a Firstorm player, feel free to register and start writing! What is Firestorm Armada? At your disposal are squadrons of starships ranging from small Frigates to gigantic Dreadnoughts. No matter the fleet, these ships are ready to receive your orders today and charge into battle. In , Spartan Games closed and all of its licenses were picked up by Warcradle, currently working on the 3.


Monday, March 21, Firestorm Armada v2. I spent most of this weekend fighting what I call "weed war" - in that it has been raining so much here I have not been able to mow the lawn or go kill the weeds I started into some early "spring cleaning" which led me into a total side project. Before I "squirrel" into the main topic here Ness and his team coming from the US side



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