First appearing in the late s, videowalls found a home in public spaces such as retail environments and museums. Throughout the following decades, their function shifted from entertainment and advertising to powerful centerpieces in work environments, where visual content could be shared for critical analysis and decision-making. Quantum Ultra, featuring support for single-path 4K signals, Vector 4K scaling, and the future-ready HyperLane video bus, is the latest addition to the Quantum product line. While videowalls continue to grow in popularity, many AV integrators can find themselves new to the task of designing and integrating these unique display systems. By understanding each element of a videowall system, as well as the physical aspects of the environments in which videowalls are used, you can avoid common pitfalls in videowall design. This Guide will be an invaluable reference to AV professionals who specify videowalls, whether frequently or infrequently.

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This guide illustrates how Extron technology can be used to create modern workspaces and meeting rooms that facilitate collaboration. Our open systems architecture integrates easily with market-leading unified communication technologies and offers a one-touch user experience for conferencing, collaboration, and control.

Through our technology partnerships, we can extend Extron control capabilities to spaces that use Zoom, Cisco, Logitech, and many other popular providers. In addition, we have the system design experience, critical customer support, and enterprise software solutions to help ensure your success. Extron Design Guides are useful, in-depth technical and practical resources for system designers and integrators addressing key AV system technologies including digital video, videowall implementation, fiber optics, AV streaming, and control system design.

Each Guide offers comprehensive understanding of Extron product as well as roles they play with their respective applications.

For more information about the Collaboration Systems Design Guide, or to request your copy today, click here. Extron — The AV Technology Leader Every day, millions of people around the world are having their experiences enhanced by Extron audiovisual signal processing, distribution, and control solutions.

We design advanced technologies to create better looking images, higher quality sound, systems that are easier to control and work more reliably. Our powerful asset management tools are helping technology professionals efficiently manage large numbers of audiovisual systems deployed throughout their enterprises and institutions. Extron AV technology solutions serve the diverse needs of organizations around the world and are deployed in a wide variety of corporate, educational, government, healthcare, retail, and entertainment applications.

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Extron AV Streaming Design Guide - Third Edition

Streaming has become ubiquitous in government, education, corporate, and everyday consumer use. Streaming stands apart as the next big step, as the AV industry continues to innovate. Streaming can enhance AV system capabilities by: 1 extending visual communication beyond a room or building to any destination globally, 2 increasing scalability of AV distribution systems, 3 simplifying cable infrastructure management, and 4 recording, documenting, and analyzing audio, video, and graphic data produced by a variety of AV sources. Each one of these opportunities can increase operating efficiency within an organization, as well as reduce capital expenditure and operating costs for audiovisual installations. This 3rd Edition AV Streaming Design Guide incorporates the latest advancements in streaming technology, including updated sections that cover application requirements, compression, networks, streaming protocols, and streaming services. Example system designs illustrate practical streaming systems that use Extron products. The Extron AV Streaming Design Guide is an ideal reference for developing the knowledge base and skills necessary to succeed in this growing application space.


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Extron Videowall Systems Design Guide


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