See Ap. The word "offering" is actually added in Ex. Lieth is mase. Sin offering is fem. So that the Heb.

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See Ap. The word "offering" is actually added in Ex. Lieth is mase. Sin offering is fem. So that the Heb. Supply "is" instead. What Cain said is preserved in the Sam. The Heb. Strength put for that which it produces. This is emphasized by the Heb. See also Ex. This seed was begotten after the slaying of Abel.

A city has been discovered beneath the brick platform on which Nipur, in South Babylonia, was built. This verse shows there were people on earth other than Adams children, or Cain married his full sister.

The first polygamist. Supplied here by the italics. Refers to Gen. Lamech was in greater danger than Adam. Adam had only one wife, Lamech had two. Hear my voice, emph. May be rendered thus: "I can kill a man for wounding me, And a young man for hurting me. Supply Ellipsis Ap. Sheth Seth. Sheth appointed. Metonymy of Cause. See notes on next page. The Companion Bible Condensed. In the day that God created the man Adam, in the likeness of God made He him; 2 Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.

Not began to worship: for Abel worshipped, and others, doubtless, long before. But here : "began to call upon [their gods] by the name of J ehovah," or "began profanely to call upon the name of the Lord" see Ap. Enos, though the son of Seth, is included here because he went in "the way of Cain".

Unfallen Adam : a son of God Luke 3: Fallen Adam, and his years. The total , and the first The progeny of Adam, and their deaths. Noah, and his promise of comfort. The fallen angels: sons of God see Ap. Total , and the last The progeny of the fallen angels, and their threatened destruction. The Nephilim Ap.

Noah, and his possession of grace. Only here and Matt. In the day. See ch. Adam and Eve, going back to 1. See Ps. Refers back to 4. Not even of their deaths.

If Adambegat after Seth, so doubtless others after Cain and Abel. See 4.


Companion Bible OT

A huge accomplishment. Very few books stay in print that long. As another said, "Bullinger continues to be recognized as one of the greatest Bible scholars of the early twentieth century. Unsurpassed even today, his easy to read books and essays are critically acclaimed. His Bible commentaries, Greek lexicon, textual notes, and numerous expositional studies continue to inform students of the Scriptures. All the Companion Bible Notes data is keyed to its verse and instanly searchable and also has links to the valuable Appendices. Now the Companion Bible Data can be accessed and searched in a flash.


The Companion Bible Condensed - E. W. Bullinger

Bullinger, E. Bullinger was a life-long scholar and writer. In he was appointed to the position of clerical secretary for the Trinitarian Bible E. In he was appointed to the position of clerical secretary for the Trinitarian Bible Society, a post he would hold until his death. The introduction notes: "To the same end this Bible is not associated with the name of any man; so that its usefulness may neither be influenced nor limited by any such consideration; but that it may commend itself, on its own merits, to the whole English-speaking race.

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