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General Principles of Imposing Punishment When imposing punishment the court shall take into comprehensive consideration the nature and degree of social danger of the committed crime, the character of the culprit, reasons and circumstances of the case, motive, purpose, nature and degree of the harm caused, and circumstances which mitigate or aggravate the liability. Article Circumstances Which Mitigate Responsibility When imposing penalty the court shall recognize the following circumstances as mitigating liability: Circumstances Which Aggravate Liability When imposing penalty the court shall recognize the following circumstances as aggravating liability only: Imposing Penalty for Accumulative Crimes If a culprit has committed two or more crimes specified in different articles or in different paragraphs of the same article of the Special Part of this Code and has not been sentenced for any of them, the court, having determined penalty separately for each crime, shall determine the actual penalty to be served in person by absorbing the less severe penalty in the more severe one or by adding up wholly or partially all the meted out penalties within the limits specified by the article of this Code which specifies the more severe penalty.

When imposing penalty for the crime committed by the culprit one or more supplemental penalties specified in the articles of the Special Part this Code may append the principal penalty. The same rules shall apply to imposing penalty if after the judgment has been rendered the convict has been found to have committed another crime before being sentenced. Imposing Penalty on Several Sentences When the penalties are summed up in the manner specified in paragraph 1 above, the total term of penalty may not exceed the maximum term established for the given kind of penalty.

When the penalties represented by imprisonment and incarceration are imposed cumulatively, 1 day of imprisonment shall be equal to 1 day of incarceration. When the penalties represented by imprisonment and forced labor are imposed cumulatively, 24 hours of forced labor shall be equal to 1 day of imprisonment. When the penalties represented by incarceration and forced labor are imposed cumulatively, 1 day of incarceration shall be equal to 24 hours of forced labor. Counting the Period of Detention The court shall include the period of detention into the term of penalty.

In case of imprisonment in prison the period of detention shall not be included into the term of penalty. If a detained person has been imposed a fine or deprivation of the right to hold specified positions or engage in specified business as the principal penalty the court may, taking into account the detention, commute the imposed penalty or consider the convict as served the penalty.

Imposing Penalty for Preparation to or for an Attempted Crime When imposing penalty for preparation to a crime or an attempted crime the court shall take into account the degree of realization of the malicious intent, completion of the attempt, nature of social danger of the prepared for or attempted crime and reasons for failure to bring the crime to completion.

The person who prepared to a crime or attempted a grave crime may not be imposed imprisonment for more than 15 years or the death penalty. Conditional Sentence Probation of the Persons Under the Legal Age In such case the court shall also postpone the execution of supplemental penalties. If the convict commits another crime during the probation period, the court shall add to the new penalty the previously meted out penalty in accordance with the rules set in Article 57 of this Code.

The court may put on probation the pregnant women, mothers or single fathers with children under the age of 3 who have committed for the first time a less serious or serious crime and are sentenced to incarceration, imprisonment or forced labor for a period of up to 2 years.



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Crimes against administrative order, administration. Entailing of mass destruction of animals and birds or another damage in a large amount in consequence of violation of water legislation shall be punishable by a fine equal to 51 to amounts of minimum salary imprisonment for a term of up to 3 years. Causing an accident that has entailed a less serious bodily injury or damage of property in a large amount by letting drive a means of transportation a person who knowingly is in the state of drunkenness or narcotic intoxication committed by an employee responsible for the use of a means of transportation shall be punishable by to 51 to amounts of minimum salary or incarceration for a term of more than 3 to 6 months. Violation of the rules for exploration and extraction of minerals. Illegal detention that has no signs of a crime of malfeasance or a crime against the administration of justice, as well as those of kidnapping or taking a hostage specified in this Code, or taking of a hostage or kidnapping shall be punishable by a fine equal to 51 to 70 amounts of minimum salary amount or by incarceration for a term of more than 3 to 6 months. The rules set in paragraphs 1 and 2 above shall apply to the convicts who have served the following proportions of the term:.


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