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Actually, I am no longer actively "studying" Portuguese and Spanish as I have an advanced level in both. I just slowly try to improve them over time by using them- speaking, reading, writing and listening. I will most likely never be completely satisfied. Spanish has been with me the longest of all. I loved baseball and to hear it on the radio in wintertime well before ESPN Classic appeared was nothing short of amazing.

After the baseball game I heard Cuban Son and Salsa music. I was hooked. I was off to the races! Little did I know, but even back then I was using the multi-track approach. There was no Hispanic immigration back then in my little town, no Spanish-language cable tv, no itunes or internet.

There was no audio with my textbook. The only way I could hear Spanish was on the radio. I was fascinated by all things Cuban. Cuba was "forbidden". It was an irresistible draw.

After finishing the Berlitz book, I was probably A1. In a couple of years I was able to take Spanish class in high school where I was easily the best student. My teacher, who was a non-native speaking local woman, took an interest in me and provided me with magazines, books and music in Spanish. No more formal Spanish learning was available for me.

I had, in the meantime read my first novel in Spanish with a dictionary. I continued to listen to Spanish-speaking radio on shortwave. Shortwave was the closest thing to the internet, pre-internet. I had an amateur radio license as well and actually began to seek out conversations with natives.

At first I used morse code and later audio. By the time I got to university, I finally had access to a large library and read as much as I could get my hands on in Spanish. I hung around the international students and learned even more by speaking. I then took and passed the CLEP exam and earned 12 hours 4 semesters credit in Spanish without ever having had a university class. Those tests are still available in the US and a cheap way to earn credit hours, if the university accepts the test, mine did.

I watched telenovelas with closed captions and that was a huge boost to my Spanish. Portuguese came about via my love of Brazilian music and a desire to speak the major languages of the Americas. The Portuguese Basic Course is the most thorough course I have ever seen. I also used Pimsleur and had a non-English-speaking Brazilian tutor, and native resources from the beginning. I just learned the language with my course, tutor and by using it- listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Haitian Creole came about because I live in the Caribbean. HC is the only language that all Haitians speak. I also have a massively huge discount with the Lesser Antilles French Creole. The cool thing about HC as a language is there is no gender in nouns and adjectives, spelling is phonetic and sensible, and most importantly there is no verb conjugation- tenses are made with particles.

Still, French is the last major language hole for me in the Americas. I may learn it some day. You make me want to learn Portuguese. Rs, rs, rs. Assisti TLDC e assisto as outras series todas online.

Adorei TLDC, era Posso te passar os links por pm se quiser. Hasta luego, mis amigos. Boa noite Last edited by iguanamon on Thu Jul 23, pm, edited 2 times in total.


El ladino me jodioĢ : vida de un indigena.

Marr When I first started learning Haitian Creole, Fl was able to download a free sample of a bilingual text for both the Pentateuch first five books of the Old Testament and the Gospels of the New Testament. He is patient, loving and caring. So, it started with Breshit and in we have Brexit This phrase comes out of a soliloquy Hamlet speaks when he is alone in the scene, in Act III, scene ii. And it also served as a reminder to all of my friends and family online that I am, in fact, Jewish. Traditionally, the Ushpizin are biblical figures who we symbolically invite to join us in the sukkah, ms their legacy in to guide us in the here and now. Within the next twenty to thirty years there will be major turnover, and subsequent shifts, in regard to the State of Israel.


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