WhatsApp Positioned in the alcove As you may have read, my satellite yagis with fixed elevation bit the dust. I did listen a few times with my attic 2m and 70cm omniangles. There I can make something happen and have fun during the contest away from the house at lots of grids from suitably high locations. Even with all that, the internal drive to work satellites from home continues. The overall packaging was fine.

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M2 Eggbeater Sat Pack

Simply connect the coax center conductor to any two adjacent loop ends and the coax shield to the other two adjacent loop ends. With the reflectors installed, test for SWR. If the SWR is above 1. The distance is not so critical and can be adjusted a small amount to get the SWR perfect. The phasing lines are made from RG 93 Ohm, see notes below coaxial cable. See the phasing line sketch view from bottom for right-hand-circular-polarization connections. Cut the RG about 2" 5 cm longer than these measurements and leave 1" 2.


Example 10: Eggbeater LEO Satellite Antenna for 432 MHz (70cm)




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