Akinorn Choose Add or w Programs. ADSL Router User Manual Repeater A repeater is an electronic device that receives a weak or low-level signal and retransmits it at a higher level or higher power, so that the signal can cover longer distances without degradation. From Start menu, point to Quality of Service QoS Quality of Service is an industry-wide initiative to provide preferential treatment to certain subsets of data, enabling that data to traverse the Internet or intranet with higher quality transmission service. Then click Ok to exit. Choose the protocol that you would like to use.

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Your router is already preset to meet this requirement. Page 3: Before You Start Connection options: 1. Ethernet Recommended - this option is Operating System independent. If you require more ports, purchase a network switch to provide for more connections, or use wireless see the next option.

Refer to the User Manual for instructions. Plug the adaptor into a mains power outlet. Switch on the router. Once connected the screen changes to displaying on-line time. The PPP light on the front panel of the router will come on, indicating that you are online.

Click Disconnect only if you wish to disconnect manually. Wireless support is enabled by default. The router is a wireless access point. IEEE For indoor operations, these standards provide typically 20m and 60m range respectively. Your wireless router is identifiable by its SSID. It allows users to talk without using a conventional telephone service and often provides lower call costs.

It is necessary to subscribe and receive the settings required from your VoIP service provider in order to set up VoIP service. Caution: This mode of operation disables the firewall and assumes security will Go Next.

Enter your Internet account user name and password. The new configuration is displayed. Click Apply to confirm changes. The router will restart itself to activate IP extension mode. NAT or firewall settings disappear from the Advanced menu hereafter. Now follow Step 2 of Section 5 — These are robust security mechanisms. Please refer to Section 6. If not, check your Ethernet cable is firmly plugged in. Perform a PING test. Enter cmd then OK. Page 17 Q4. Reset the router to factory default by pushing a pin into the hidden reset button located next to the push button at the back of the unit.

Push and hold for at


Dynalink RTA 1025W Setup Manual



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