Sooriyaarachchi said Prof Uditha Liyanage as a mentor elevated the standards of management and marketing to higher levels and walked the talk by practising what he preached. Following the footsteps of the legacy he left, we abide by his philosophical and experiential concepts and his teachings. Our discussions mainly revolved around Buddhism and marketing. I see him as a strategist and sociologist who also had a sense for the market as an academic and a philosopher.

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During the last six months he kept away from official duties and public events and finally succumbed to his illness. His untimely demise is a great loss to the nation as he was considered as a national asset in the field of marketing and management. Over the years we interacted in a number of conferences, seminars and workshops where we were speakers in different sessions. Early years Uditha was born in and had his early education at Royal College, Colombo.

He started his career soon after college in the corporate sector as a Management Trainee and Marketing Executive in Brown and Company Thereafter, he worked as a Brand Manager at the Maharaja Organisation for two years The nearly two decades experience in the corporate sector and the literature he read over these years, made Uditha embark on pursuing an MBA degree at the PIM in which he completed in After completing his doctorate in , he was appointed as a Senior Lecturer at the PIM in mid Today, a large number of CEOs and directors holding key positions both in the corporate sector and the government are products of the PIM.

He was a popular teacher and taught courses on strategic marketing, marketing communication, business strategy, consumer behaviour, etc.

By mid, Uditha had reached the peak of his academic life. By early s, the PIM became one of the first academic institutions to be autonomous from government funding and became a profitable institution. Presentations and publications Uditha was a prolific writer. During the s, he brought out a number of presentations, reports and publications on branding, strategic marketing and consumer behaviour. He was an author of many articles — most of them published in reputed journals and newspapers.

Ltd and Yasui Lanka Pvt. Needless to say, he served in these boards at different time periods and his contribution to the corporate deliberations was much valued by the other board members.

Besides, he was a marketing consultant to a number of other companies. These are among the many other unpublished reports he had prepared for the corporate sector in Sri Lanka.

Making the keynote address at this event, Dr. These projects will remain unfinished work in a vast pool of academic work that Uditha did during his lifespan. Alas, he was not to see this through and the task has fallen upon his student and successor, Ajantha Dharmasiri, who carries the mantle of the PIM from where Uditha left off.

He leaves behind his wife and daughter who stood by him during difficult times. He will always be remembered by his students and colleagues as a true scholar who worked with dedication and commitment to give his knowledge to others to build a better society in Sri Lanka. May he attain Nirvana!


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