I would think if you wanted a Futaba tx you would need a futaba rx. Blade rx will work with Spectrum and some Jr tx and so on it goes. I believe walkera also have yet another different system. I have nine different helicopters with spectrum receivers bound to a dx6i. I am no expert on that subject so make sure you get it right before parting with your money.

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Double Horse Review Products Features: Up and down, flip left and turn right, forward and backward, Left flying and right flying ,Gyro operate with light Flight distance: About a hundred meters Helis battery: 7.

I was very pleased with my experience from the Ebay seller. You will receive a very nice looking DH 4 channel electric helicopter measuring It stands 5. Main rotor length is 15 inches. The radio also sports a lighted LCD screen that shows trim and stick positions as well as battery life.

The menu button allows for stick reversing and set up for left or right handed flyers. You will also receive a wall charger, plug and manual. Mode 1 radios would basically be the opposite.

Mode 2 is the most common radio configuration for leisure and sport flyers in the United States, but mode 1 is generally most popular everywhere else in the world. Capabilities: The is a fully articulated fixed pitch, single rotor helicopter. Just about every movement a real helicopter can make, the DH can imitate. I have flown mine to nearly ft.

It is an extremely robust machine that will take some nasty spills and survive pretty much unscathed. It is also a very powerful, fast and nimble little heli.

Preflight preparation just info : I unpacked the helicopter and charged it up. Upon powering up the radio, you will hear a series of low tone beeps followed by one high pitched beep. It is suggested that you allow the radio to complete its system checks beeps before powering up your helicopter.

You must make sure your throttle stick usually the left one for right handed fliers is in the down or off position before powering up your helicopter, not because your helicopter will take off unexpectedly, but because it will not communicate with the radio until you do; this is a safety feature designed to keep the helicopter from causing any injury, or launching into the air unexpectedly when you turn it on.

Plug in the little red plug on the side, set the helicopter on a level surface and turn the power switch on. After a couple seconds, you will see and hear the servos and main rotor move slightly. If you do not, check the position of the throttle stick on the transmitter.

Remember, it must be in the down or off position. Once you see and hear the servo movement, your transmitter and helicopter are communicating. I always run the throttle stick up just enough to start the rotor turning and move it side to side to test the tail rotor response as well. If all is working correctly, you are ready for your maiden flight.

Consider your skill level before flying the It may save your nerves and your Or, if you have the available funds, investing in a good flight simulator is another way to sharpen and maintain your flying skills before tackling more aggressive four channel and up helicopters. The "Realflight 6" simulator is my personal favorite, but there are many good ones on the market. It flew very slightly to the rear and to the left. I am an experienced pilot, so I started out with the radio on high rate or quick response, which means the servos respond quickly to your input and will operate to their full extent This can be a bad thing for the novice pilot who may not realize how quickly the helicopter will respond to his or her inputs.

This can cause a novice to accidentally throw their helicopter out of control, resulting in a possible crash. My required a small amount of trim adjustment to make if fly perfectly indoors, - very stable thanks to its gyro technology.

Flying indoors will require a fairly large room, unless you plan on just hovering and yawing one direction or the other. When you yaw rotate one direction or the other, the helicopter will drift one way or the other a bit as the gyro tries to compensate and bring the helicopter back to hover against the forced yaw rotation given by the tail rotor.

Just be prepared if the wind picks up. I have flown the DH in winds as high as 15 mph, but I do not recommend that for the novice pilot as you are constantly fighting hard to keep it in the air and in your flying zone.

It will, however, fly nicely in 5 mph or less winds with little effort. Keep in mind that once you turn off your transmitter, your trim settings will go back to neutral.

Taking note of your trim settings before you power down will help you re-adjust them before your next flight. Note: It is not uncommon and quite innocent for inexperienced pilots to not realize how much the slightest breeze can affect his or her RC helicopter. Especially the higher you go. Especially when you realize that it could very well be nothing more than the wind. Despite the box and ad information claiming about 30 to 40 minutes charging time, it may take up to two hours to fully recharge Mine did -which seemed like an eternity.

Some pilots make a wise decision and opt to buy extra batteries and have them charged and ready to go. Charging time is about normal for ANY electric helicopter of this size. Note: To extend your batteries overall life, it is wise to allow it to cool down for 20 to 30 minutes after flying before you connect it to your charger.

Recharging a hot battery will shorten its life dramatically. Catastrophic helicopter disaster? Oh yes, it can happen to you too! Even experienced pilots suffer mishaps. If you do suffer a severe crash and you probably will , The most common parts to fail on these helicopters are but not limited to the swashplate horns, the inner shaft looks like a "T" and the connection buckles or "dog bones".

Some models of the Double Horse have interchangeable parts just info. Expect to break things both on the helicopter and around it - which may upset your spouse!

Improper handling or abuse of the will shorten its life. There is no such thing. Extra Parts: I felt it wise to purchase extra parts when I ordered my as there are none included in the box. Parts availability is sketchy at best from suppliers here in the U.

There are a few suppliers that offer the most common parts Banana Hobby in California , but I found shipping to be a little on the pricey side as most U.

Overseas Feala. However, research indicates Feala. The fastest I received parts from Feala was 21 days. The slowest was 45 days. So, as indicated, order extra parts early, because if you do break something, you may be enjoying the as it sits on the shelf while you wait for parts to come from overseas which can take three weeks or more. There are two variations of these parts kits. You can get it with either a swashplate , OR an inner shaft Moving on up?

The is an excellent stepping stone if you are learning to fly RC helicopters and wish to master the 6 channels. When you are proficient with the coaxials, moving on to something like the 4 channel that offers much more control, requiring more pilot involvement and coordination is the next, safest and logical step.

It would have surely saved me a lot of money and definitely some pride!! The Double Horse is also a good platform for mounting a keychain video camera on as-well.

I did this and got some great high flying aerial video. Overview: The Double Horse is a reasonably priced, very stable, durable and exciting four channel helicopter to fly. It teaches you the important techniques you will need if you are moving on to larger aircraft without breaking the bank. Great flier indoors in a large room , but be ready to struggle a with it a bit in breezy conditions outside. There are issues and delays with getting parts from overseas, so order extras when you buy this machine.

The worst part about owning a Double Horse is waiting for it to recharge! All in all, I highly recommend this helicopter for beginners and experienced pilots alike. As with all my reviews, the above is only my opinion or observation of an item that I own or have tested.

Your experience may differ from mine, better or worse. Paying attention to the up or down trend from several reviewers will help you make an educated decision on whether or not the item is for you. Best of Luck and Happy Flying!! Forget most of that with this one. A 4ch single rotor is getting the user closer to collective pitch flying will still providing a greater degree of safety via being able to hover for brief periods and with some input from the flyer. This is a great beginner copter for someone who hopes to progress to 6ch CP and likes to fly outdoors.

Most coaxials do very poorly in the wind, this does better. Still not great but able to be confidently flown in 5mph breezes. The copter itself is very well made IMO. You can even go in under individual controls and get throw rates and percentages to soften the initial flying - make all those adjustments under the slow setting and use that to train yourself.

Double Horse is never going to produce the highest quality on the market. One very strong suggestion - always buy this from Amazon where Amazon is actually doing the fulfillment. Amazon has basically a no questions asked return policy where if it is defective, they pay return shipping and the refund is very quick. I have since learned how to make some mechanical adjustments that allow it fly much better and hover almost hands off. If you join the rcgroupsDOTcom forum, you will find a long thread dedicated to this copter and how to make it fly better than it does out of the box.

Basically, when you get into 4ch and above flying, there is no such thing as ready to fly perfectly, they will all need some adjustments. Unless you are an accomplished flyer already, this will be challenging enough to be be fun and durable enough to put up with amateur mistakes.

The blades are unbelievably strong because they have taken a beating.


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Shipping Weight: 3. I was very pleased with my experience from the Ebay seller. You will receive a very nice looking DH 4 channel electric helicopter measuring It stands 5. Main rotor length is 15 inches.


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