To prepare or even stop these coming events, he wrote down what he saw in quatrains. For centuries people have tried their best to translate and solve the puzzles Nostradamus has left for us. Dolores Cannon does past life regression and one day she met a woman at In the s Nostradamus foresaw the future of our world and all the terrible things that await us if we do nothing. Dolores Cannon does past life regression and one day she met a woman at metaphysical type meeting she was at.

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This is what Dolores Cannon claims to do in her three-volume book series Conversations with Nostradamus. I have challenged her since to prove the foundation and credibility of her work. In the beginning, only two people were witnesses to this — the two being Dolores and me. We met at a dinner party held for guest speakers of the first Axiom Prophecy Conference, sonically overshadowed by the airline jet thundering shadow of LAX in March We stood, drinks in hand.

I would ask her to explain before a large audience how she can prove she talks to Nostradamus in the s through the conduit of one of her hypnosis subjects. When Zen came to Japan, many Samurai warriors became monks, perhaps because the code of Bushido, the code of a warrior, is a path of self-awareness, like Zen meditation.

This might surprise some of you who have suffered my withering critiques, but I do not like to ambush people. I say what I have to say in my writings here or in my printed or e-Books.

You freely enter the Hogueprophecy realm by your own choice. I do not come into your inbox to leave an unsolicited comment about your politics, religion or beliefs.

Nevertheless, if you feel compelled by what I write to leave a comment in my inbox, or in the comment boxes of Hogueprophecy. Thousands of you have thanked me for being taken to task or challenged to think and feel differently. Thousands more have hated me for it. So be it. You will infrequently see me invited to this new age expo or that.

It is not because I am a recluse. I am not. Nevertheless, as the Axiom people in soon found out, I am spiritually incorrect as well as politically incorrect. I gave the administrators of the Expo the chance to dis-invite me. The person on the other end of the phone chirped that controversy was healthy and good for the Expo.

I use a kind of code of Bushido, the code of the Japanese Samurai, when I am on the attack. I do not ambush people. There is no surprise. I warn you that I am coming for your head. Talk about the Third Secret of Fatima was loud enough to buzz some ratings biz for cable news networks.

Duly warned, he was free to avoid my attack, which he did. I warned the Axiom people. They smiled it off. I warned Dolores Cannon the night before the panel meeting to prepare for my attack and for the sake of enlightening the audience, take the time overnight to prepare a good defense.

She held her drink and just smiled it off. On some level she did not take it in. That following afternoon I came after her theory and I did most vigorously. There almost was a riot. The transcript of what transpired will be the subject of a future article. If you are on my free newsletter list , you will be the first to know when that or any other article of interest on prophecy and current events will be posted here. Today I want to give Israel and Iran a break to answer two very different reaction-responses to my Dolores Cannon article from 17 March Delores Cannon, indeed, published channeled information regarding the truths relating to her experiences with Nostradamus.

Why would this be a threat to you? If you actually read my works on Nostradamus before judging them, you would find Dolores in them when she makes an interesting interpretation. I cite her fairly for it. However, I cannot in all fairness to truth, support a contention of channeling Nostradamus that again and again shows she is not getting fundamental facts straight.

These are facts that are beyond question about the well-documented life of the prophet. Nostradamus abhorred damp climates. He lived in a Mediterranean style house of stone and wood.

The house still stands. I pointed this out in my public challenge and asked her to explain why her hypnotic subject would miss these details in his or her travel through time back to the house in the mids. Marianne, do not be threatened by trusting and verifying paranormal claims. Indeed, talking to her over cocktails, Mrs. As if you actually know. They retard our growth in spirit. Truth cannot be hurt by tests. Only lies and illusions can be destroyed, or better, revealed to have no substance, like shadows cast suddenly in the light of truth.

Why not ask Dolores why she has not gladly and happily taken on this challenge. Why is she avoiding it all these years? Does truth avoid a challenge? If she were a lover of truth, would she not ask her channel to tell Nostradamus to prove this connection is real? Imagine what good it would do for others if Nostradamus could clearly tell us what he meant in his prophecies. Would not the real Nostradamus want to prove for the last time that he had found his portal into these currently apocalyptic and revelatory times he so often seems to describe?

No, Marianne, meeting this challenge has not happened. It will not happen, because we are not talking about honored truths here. They want you to leave all claims untested. Whether there are many truths or not, what about your truth? Your Reality? If you do not completely encounter and understand your whole truth, how can you recognize the many herded together truths of others? In such a socio-political mind game as this, it is more important not to make waves than to question and explore.

Your passive, spiritual docility is just what they need while they are taking the world over and returning the world full circle since the s and s to a new form of Fascism — this time it is corporate, rather than Nazi.

Sorry to say all of the above, but someone has to love you enough to say it. All your friends who support your belief system are doing you a disfavor. The sheeple leading the sheeple into an abyss. When both of them have faded away, people will only have knowing and experiencing as a free option. Each of us will embark in our unique ways within and without in an exploration of this Mystery of Existence. That society will be available to support and nourish every human being to become religiousness unto themselves.

I see that future eventually coming. I exult in joy for it. I fight for it. I am ready to take your slings and arrows for pouring the message of the new man coming, like sand poured into the oyster of your belief-systems so that it chafes you and makes inside you eventually a new hu-womanity pearl of transcendent people.

I have dedicated my life and I am happy to give my life for that future, if those programmed to stay in the shell of belief should violently react to my constant outpouring of sand each week in these articles at Hogueprophecy, or suffer the initiation of a deeper chafing that awaits readers of my books.

You, Marianne, are not the first and you will certainly not be the last of many thousands that have come into my inbox with your views or left a comment at Hogueprophecy that an abiding compassion coming through me must upturn and shock. I too am being shocked because I am only the medium for these messages. They come from No-Where to Now-Here. Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Osho , prophet of a new humanity.

Faith, hope, belief are in the way of a brighter tomorrow and a golden destiny for humanity waiting beyond the breaking of chains of mind, prison bars of dogmas and the wooden pillory of a soul restraining personality. When I am hard on any of you it is done with the love of a true friend and fellow traveler into that future. This might sound odd, but in time, I trust it will be understood.

What I am saying above, and what I have written to over 10, of you in personal letters since comes through this medium as a presence of pure love and concern for your freedom and spiritual growth.

This oracle, this portal to a better future, cannot remain silent as you dream of being a truth seeker seeking un-confrontational agreement from other dreamers when in reality your religious progress is being retarded and fossilized by bromides of belief-systems. I cannot. I will not enable your dream because I have seen the nightmare your dreams of belief are making in my self. It is time to wake up and become the new humanity.

Meditation is the way. Ask me for pointers and information about meditating. Contact me. Here are some words from my meditation teacher about what is needed to give birth to a new morality, a new humanity: Obedience is not a value to me at all, neither is disobedience a disvalue. Your own understanding is the value. Out of that, obedience is good; out of that, disobedience is also good.

Morality does not disappear, but acquires a totally different meaning… Language provides numerous terms to pinpoint [the traditional] type of morality: loyalty, duty, discipline, obedience… Great words! They can drive you into an unconscious, robotlike behavior. This is now the greatest danger to human survival: the capacity for man to abandon his humanity; indeed, the inevitability that he does so as he merges his unique personality into larger institutional structures.


Conversations With Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explaned, Vol. 1

Perhaps the many amateur and professional Internet contributors and bloggers warning of wicked plans by a fearful elite have succeeded by pulling at veils and worrying the unworthy faces behind them even to the point of them abandoning some of their wretched schemes. Undoubtedly the financial-political and social engineering scams that ruin social cohesiveness in the Western Hemisphere could lead to lynch-mobs if the vox pop were sure to attach firmed-up identities to these multiple illegal and immoral coercions. But these public enemies employ experienced experts in psycho-warfare as well as proxy armies whose religiosity has been warped into a faith in brutality. To the political personality there are four major columns supporting their social condition given that money, sex and power drives are integral. These are: political, financial, cerebral, ritualistic.


Dolores Cannon and Nostradamus

He knows [he] is in the Middle East somewhere. He says this Anti-Christ at the present time is a young man at a very crucial time in his life. He will be a threat to all, but particularly to the east because he will be successful in conquering both China and Russia, and will have the entire Asian continent under his control. Russia will be his first major Asian conquest and he will not do it through force but through guile. He will take advantage of the world situation to make his move to power. And he will succeed.

GFL 2104 PDF

Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon was born on April 15, in Saint Louis. From she was married to Johnny Cannon, a Naval officer. They were stationed at Sangley point N. Hypnosis Edit Her husband took a class in hypnosis, but never got a chance to practice because he deployed for the Vietnam War.


Download EBOOK Conversations with Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained PDF for free

Date of issue: 1 December Description of the book "Conversations with Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained": Nostradamus was a doctor and estericist, born in Provence in , who achieved renown for his treatment of plague victims. He is known today for his "Quatrains", the remarkable prophecies of the future that he wrote in coded verse. Many have claimed to have broken his codes, but the variety of interpretations are legion. In this three-volume set, the regression therapist Dolores Cannon has allowed Nostradamus to break through the barriers of time and space, to interpret for today the prophecies he made over years. Many of the prophecies are filled with depressing horror and paint a bleak view of the PDF future.

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