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Occasions for wear a. All-purpose wear Soldiers may wear the aircrew uniform on duty when prescribed by the commander for flight operations. The aircrew uniform is not intended for wear as an all-purpose uniform when other uniforms are more appropriate. Approved wear The aircrew uniform is prescribed for year-round wear for all Soldiers, unless otherwise directed by the commander. Soldiers may wear the aircrew uniform off-post, unless prohibited by the commander.

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Allowances of individual and organizational clothing and equipment identified within this document are authorized for procurement with appropriated funds.

Discussions include, but are not limited to, the following. Each column in this CTA is applicable only to that Army component. Priorities of issue, issue of substitute items pending availability of later models, or in lieu thereof until exhausted, are established and authorized by current supply directives.

Locally procured items will not be computed as requirements and as part of a supply control study. Non-Army adopted items procured locally should, whenever possible, conform to American National Standards Institute recommendations and specifications. Supply data pertaining to distinctive uniform items reflected in this CTA are referenced in Appendix E. Allowances of individual safety and protective clothing and equipment authorized herein may be decreased or omitted at the discretion of the local commander when determined to be unnecessary for the administration of the Army Safety Program, except those items authorized herein to TOE units or individuals of TOE units which may be decreased or omitted only at the discretion of Army Commands or the Chief, National Guard Bureau.

Requisitions will be restricted to those items actually required for accomplishment of the mission or discharge of assigned duties. Product Identifiers.


Clothing and Individual Equipment (CTA 50-900) by Department Army (2012, Paperback)



AR 670-1: Chapter 6: Aircrew Uniform


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