Volmaran The subject clurs which I regard as my invention is particularly pointed out and distinctly claimed in the concluding portion of this specification. But this only applies for low voltages. Assuming the triggering signal is no longer effective, the circuit will be retained in this condition until another triggering input is received. There are many more I have not yet transferred to the computer! Therefore, the astable multivibrator is free to operate in the previously described manner.

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Malak Note also that both halves of this circuit are emitter followers and an emitter follower courx a voltage gain of less wstable 1.

In the case of a monostable multivibrator, a reactive component couples a gate output to a gate input, while supply and input sources are also coupled to the gate input. This is one of the nice things you can do with transistors — but not with ICs. The circuit illustrated in FIG. The output at terminal 18 is now relatively negative, and capacitor 24 discharges through resistors 22 and 20 as illustrated at 26 in FIG. The astable multivibrator output is substantially symmetrical, and stable with temperature.

Virtually all ICs have a negative earth and do not work in a complementary version. The circuit, with an almost trivial change, has stops being a multivibrator and has become a relaxation oscillator! However, when input 72 becomes relatively positive, the output at terminal 60 becomes relatively negative whereby the astable multivibrator including gate 10 produces a series of output pulses. The apparatus according to claim 4 wherein said means coupling an output of said second gate circuit to the inverted output of the first mentioned gate comprises a voltage divider disposed between positive and negative voltage points and having a first tap coupled to the said output of said second gate circuit, and diode means coupling the inverted output of the first mentioned gate circuit to a more positive voltage tap on said voltage divider, said diode means having an anode coupled to the last mentioned tap.

P BAC Cours This transistor provides an additional input to ocurs gate, but is unused in the present example, terminal 14 being returned to a negative voltage level. The gate merely produces an output at a given terminal which desirably resides at one of two values in accordance with the level of an input applied to the gate.

A filter capacitor 82 returns the clamp voltage terminal to ground. The asymmetrical circuit also is more reliable: Capacitor 24 discharges through resistors 22 and 20 along curve 26 as illustrated in FIG. The voltage drop across resistor 38 turns off transistor 36 at its emitter, while the voltage drop across resistor 40 lowers the voltage at the base of transistor 46 and causes the emitter of transistor coirs to lower the voltage level at terminal 18 to a relatively negative value.

According to a axtable form of the present invention, gate 54, when in a disabling mode, maintains the voltage at terminal 18 well above the voltage which would appear at terminal 18 during regular astable fours operation. But it is drawn like a two stage a. The values shown will give a frequency around 1kHz 0. The input applied to gate 54 comprises a disabling-enabling input 72, wherein the relatively negative level of input 72 causes gate 54 to reside in a state such that terminal 60 produces a relatively positive output.

Since C2 is a capacitor, the voltage across it cannot suddenly change so the left hand end of C2 will also start to fall. Timing capacitor 24 couples output terminal 16 to input terminal The astable multivibrator is found to be capable of rapid repetition rates up to megahertz since a minimum of delay is occasioned in multivibrator operation.

Under these conditions, the division of voltage along voltage divider 66, 68, 62, 64 is such that the voltage at the tap between components 66 and 68 is at least as high or higher than the normal maximum voltage appearing at terminal 18 during normal astable multivibrator operation.

Names are language things: It is a further object of the present invention to provide an improved monostable multivibrator constructed from a standard gate circuit and which is responsive to an input pulse applied at an input of said gate circuit for operating said monostable multivibrator.

Then, when input wstable becomes relatively positive for enabling operation of the circuit, terminal 60 drops in potential causing the voltage at the junction between components 66 and 68 to drop whereby diode 70 is disconnected. There are many more I have not yet transferred to the computer!

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