These documents are issued by the shipping line, airline, international trucking company, railroad, freight forwarder or logistics company. To the shipping company and freight forwarder transport documents provide an accounting record of the transaction, instructions on where and how to ship the goods and a statement giving instructions for handling the shipment. The responsibility for the management and processing of shipping documents will depend on the sale conditions Incoterms agreed between de parties. We describe below the main transport documents explaining for each one: what are used for? CMR DOCUMENT The CMR transport document is an international consignment note used by drivers, operators and forwarders alike that govern the responsibilities and liabilities of the parties to a contract for the carriage of goods by road internationally.

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PrintCMR is approved by major document suppliers. Free trial period of 14 days: start using the program immediately! The Belgian version of the CMR is also offered. The Dutch and Belgian versions for dot matrix printers and laser printers can be ordered from CMR Concurrent the laser printer version is also suitable for inkjet printers.

You can use Airprint to print via your iOS devices. This facilitates the introduction in the digital e-CMR. The variant for air freight is still under development. In addition to the standard form, the Appendix is also included. With this, a large number of extra articles can be described, which is printed separately. The AVC for dot matrix printers and laser printers can be ordered from CMR Concurrent the laser printer version is also suitable for inkjet printers.

The Weight Report is based on the use of plain A4 paper. You can add logos, images and data input boxes yourself and print them on the Weight Report. Expense Claim document The Expense Claim has been created especially for employees. You can create an expense claim whenever you want by using your iPhone or iPad to photograph your receipt and add information.

Next, you can keep a record of what you have submitted to your employer, together with the payment status. And if you lose a receipt, you still have a copy in PrintCMR! You can create a "form" yourself using basic components. Because each of the components includes a procedure step, you can even build your own logistics procedures. The section below summarises the possibilities offered by the Logistics Wizard.

Read more: Logistics Wizard Invoicing Processing a CMR is in fact the same as subsequently creating a sales invoice for businesses in the road transport sector. The Invoicing module has been developed based on this concept. As PrintCMR is developed further, it will soon be possible to generate the sales invoice automatically at the time when a CMR is created. So you will never forget to invoice again! The iPhone version of the invoice is still under development. Annex 7 can be printed on standard plain paper.

The document can be printed in Dutch, German, French and English. All the fields in Annex 7 are free-form text entry fields. The Commercial Document can be printed on standard plain paper.

The second page is automatically included in the report. The document can be used in Dutch and English. All the fields in the Commercial Document are free-form text entry fields. Pages 1 to 3 inclusive can be used. All of the fields available on the Certificate are form-free text entry fields. Download the PrintCMR app now and get started right away!.

You can use everything for free for 14 days, without restrictions. You preceded more than other PrintCMR users.


CMR consignment note (free templates and forms)

CMR stands for "Convention relative au contrat de transport international de merchandises par route" and translated from the French means "Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road". The international agreement constitutes an international treaty on international inland transport. The Convention was signed in and applies throughout Europe. When does the CMR apply? Agreements that conflict with CMR are null and void. If the CMR does not cover certain topics, then the national transport law is complementary. The agreement remains valid only when road vehicles are loaded.


Digital consignment note, the variants in PrintCMR

This Convention has been ratified by most European states, as well as several other countries. Goods companies, drivers and those receiving shipments use a CMR consignment note, which presents information about the shipped goods and the transporting and receiving parties. It is likely to prompt other countries to join — therefore increasing the potential for common benefit. CMR brings many benefits, e-CMR brings more In its paper-based format, the CMR consignment note brings many benefits: it harmonises contractual conditions for goods transported by road and helps facilitate goods transport overall. A global e-CMR solution would retain all these benefits, but would make the system more modern, by removing paperwork and handling costs.


Dictionary of International Trade

Excel is virtually free and you can create and print a CMR with it. Thanks to our customers we came up with arguments with this list. Pre-printed paper is often used for the CMR. The design is fixed and boxes are drawn everywhere where the text should fall.

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