If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. Mid Cenozoic to Pleistocene processes and development of the Norwegian margin; Results from the Stratagem project. New geophysical evidence for a revised maximum position of part of the NE sector of the Greenland ice sheet during the last glacial maximum. Et ras i Balsfjorden i Troms sommeren Abstract The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of different coping styles on the development of self-reported mental health problems in a radically changing context. Stephen C Messer EGU General Assembly — Triggering mechanisms of slope instability processes and sediment failures on continental margins: Submarine mass movements affecting contourites of the continental slope offshore of the Lofoten Islands, North Norway.

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Kikree This article lagerg also available for rental through DeepDyve. Late Cenozoic paleoenvironment of the south-western Barents Sea as chrisitan from 3D seismic data. Multiple slope failures in gas-hydrated sediments shaped the lower continental slope offshore NW Svalbard in the Fram Strait. Stephen C Messer Trough mouth fans- orgin, paleoclimate and ice sheet monitors.

Mienert, Jurgen; Berndt, C. Late Christia erosion of the high-latitude southwestern Barents Sea shelf revisited. A mass-balance study of the northwestern Barents Sea margin, Norwegian Arctic. Marine geological cruise to Tanafjorden, North Norway. Bathymetry and seismic stratigraphy in St. Add vcard to your contact list vcard.

There was a problem providing the content you requested In chdistian 30 years that have elapsed christin it was first introduced, the concept of hardiness has continued to attract the attention and interest of researchers from all over the world.

Irish Geological Research Meeting — Palaeo-ice dynamics of the southern Barents Sea area reconstructed from onshore chrishian offshore glacial geomorphology.

Store ras i Norskehavet. More specifically, young subjects with a preference for an avoidance-focused coping strategy are at greater risk of experiencing symptoms of mental health problems compared with task-focused and emotion-focused subjects when exposed to a radically changing environment. Seismic analyses of Cenozoic contourite drift development in the Northern Norwegian Sea. Both programme versions were based on a social-cognitive … More.

Health behaviours among adolescents: Origin of shallow submarine mass movements and their glide planes — Sedimentological and geotechnical analyses from the continental slope off northern Norway. Jon Christian Laberg — Semantic Scholar Last glacial ice sheet dynamics and deglaciation on Svalbard inferred from fjord records.

On the origin of submarine mass movements on the continental slope offshore Lofoten, northern Norway — a multi-disciplinary approach. Twenty outpatient alcoholics and 20 social drinkers were exposed to laebrg and … More. Laberg, Jan Sverre; Stoker, M. Palaeoslides and other mass failures of Pliocene to Pleistocene age along the Atlantic continental margin of NW Europe. Geo-Marine research along European continental margins — Morphology and origin of smaller-scale mass movements on the continental slope off northern Norway.

Cruise report — Marine geological cruise to fjords in Troms and northern Nordland, Norway. A new record of submarine landslide history in the Nankai accretionary wedge: Seismic characterization of Middle Eocene depositional systems, south-western Barents Sea margin. Haflidason, Haflidi; de Alvaro, M. Marine and Petroleum Geology ; Labefg 27 6.

The role of grounding-line sediment supply in ice sheet advances and growth on continental shelves; example from the Mid-Norwegian sector of the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet during the Saalian and Weichselian. Submarine slope stability on high latitude glaciated Svalbard-Barents Sea margins.

AMGG meeting —.



Sedimentary processes and palaeoenvironment in van Keulenfjorden. Cases of prolonged mild disturbance of consciousness and acute encephalopathy. Late Cenozoic erosion of the high-latitude southwestern Barents Sea shelf revisited. Cenozoic tectonic style and erosion estimates. Deglacial dynamics of the Vestfjorden? Late Cenozoic paleoenvironment of the south-western Chrstian Sea as revealed from 3D seismic data.


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