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Shelves: poetry , funny-and-ish , hello-neverland Well, I gave TV a chance today. I have no sitcoms to watch right now. What to do on a Saturday afternoon? And what did I find? A brilliant, typical Carroll nonsense poem. Well, I gave TV a chance today. I loved it. Such a unique and fascinating work, full of wit, mystery and absurdity. A bunch of weird men go to find an even weirder creature called Snark. Among those men, we have a Bellman, a Boots, a Barrister, a Broker, a Beaver, a Butcher who only can kill beavers and even a guy who forgot his name!

He would answer to "Hi! It seems we may have met a couple of Snarks in our lives. The third is its slowness in taking a jest. Should you happen to venture on one, It will sigh like a thing that is deeply distressed: And it always looks grave at a pun. I know I did! There are a couple of references from another poem written by Carroll, Jabberwocky, published in his novel Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There , which I read years ago.

I re-read it and it made me want to read the whole novel again! I never stopped reading those, anyway. Jan 11,


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More of the Tove Jansson nostalgic illustrations and a beautiful edition which sat happily in snakr hands last night as I read it aloud in bed. La caccia allo Snark. To ask other readers questions about La caccia allo Snarkplease sign up. Any idea what they are worth and who I could sell them to? I highly recommend this book for adults, children, and pets. The annotations also offer good intellectual chills throughout.

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