My first time hiking the trail. From the intersection of Interstate 80 and route US, head north approximately Felt like I was in the city not the woods. Nestled in the Pocono Mountains, the Falls — known as bushklll Niagara of Pennsylvania —are a favorite of hikers, fishermen, birdwatchers and Along this section of the trail we three waterfalls, including the Bridal Veil Falls. Here you will be in the small village of Bushkill. The Green Trail is the shortest and does not require any climbing nor does it have any steps.

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They advertise it as the Niagara of Pennsylvania and while that may be a reach that sets up unrealistic expectations, it still is a great day trip or half day visit when passing through the area. There are numerous trails in the DGNRA that are free, the trails at Bushkill falls are privately owned and therefore have a cost. We chose the Blue Trail and decided to take it counter clockwise, instead of the default clockwise route.

This turned out to absolutely be the right choice, it was a scenic and not overly challenging hike even with carrying our daughter along the river and smaller rapids and falls, short of the many spots that they have built in stairways to help the climb on some of the very steep grade changes.

This route resulted in a a consistent build up of anticipation and left the large main falls for last which was the frosting on the cake. We did double back on some of the red and yellow trails to catch some of the scenic views like the Deleware Valley Lookout.

Looks like they have made numerous improvements to the pathways over the years, re-routed some of the paths and built new bridges and stairways in some spots. The best part of the entire visit really is all the boardwalks, bridges, and steps built into the cliffs surrounding the main falls giving numerous vantage points of the upper and lower falls.

This is exactly what you cant get just taking a nature trail in a National Park. We did not purchase any food or partake in the add on offerings of an Adventure Maze or Paddle Boats. We did buy a souvenir in the Gift Shop on the way out. Overall, it is definitely worth the visit and the cost to see these falls from the many vantage points. I remember doing this trip as a child and now many years later, I have brought my wife and daughter to experience the same majestic setting and make new memories.


Bushkill Falls

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Bushkill Falls: Hours, Address, Bushkill Falls Reviews: 4.5/5


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