I have done this in the hopes that someday I will contribute to the solving of this mystery. For Bruce it began unintentionally on December 4, As a result he became one of the most well-known survivors of an unexplained encounter in the Triangle. Through his friendship with the late J. Like everything else associated with the Triangle, his story faded away. Not until , that is.

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He is one lucky man who has survived the experiences from the Bermuda Triangle. He has experienced the time wrap theory of the Bermuda Triangle and has lived to tell his story on survival.

Bruce Gernon is only one person in the world to witness what mystery is behind the Bermuda Triangle and what the Triangle creates to make things disappear. Many others have also seen parts of this phenomenon of mystery and disappearance and some have seen it completely, just like Bruce. Gernon see this from its birth stage through its mature stage and enter the heart of the Timestorm and escape through a Tunnel Vortex and experience a time warp of 30 minutes forward in time and miles forward in space.

Bruce and his daughter Rob McGregor was in this flight. It is only after 31 years of his complete research on the triangle did Bruce Gernon discover how he had flown those miles in such a short time and never seen the Earth or sky around him. He believes that a rare natural phenomenon may be behind paranormal happenings in the Triangle.

The Bermuda triangle has claimed over a thousand people during the twentieths century itself. But, Bruce Gernon has left Bruce alive, so that he can tell us the real mysteries behind the Bermuda Triangle. Share to:.


Bruce Gernon Time Travel

I have been researching this phenomenon ever since I experienced it near Bimini on December 4, I have communicated with over people who can relate my research and what I experienced to the disappearance of the Malaysian airplane. The electronic fog is created in horizontal tunnels that form between thunderstorm cells. They are usually about two miles high and last for about 5 minutes. When they collapse they emit a puff of fog that can last for many hours after the storms have dissipated. The fog can drift all the way down to earth and on rare occasions an updraft can lift the fog to higher altitudes.


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Prev Article Next Article The strange phenomena and energies in the Bermuda Triangle led him to travel a distance in half the time possible. The legends and stories that exist about the Bermuda Triangle are fascinating, from missing planes and ships, sightings of UFOs, explosions in the middle of the sea, deformation of the horizon, irregular magnetism and time travel, there are a lot of testimonies that shake any researcher, and today we will focus especially on the case of Bruce Gernon, the man who made a time journey through this area. The case of Bruce Gernon and his father is astonishing, because so far he has been one of the few who has crossed the Bermuda Triangle and returned home to tell the story, his adventure occurred on December 4, , in his Beechcraft Bonanza A36 plane, leaving from Andros Island Bahamas in the direction of Florida United States. The usual journey takes an hour and a half, but Bruce did it in less than half. This is something impossible to do with such a small, low-powered plane, it surprised everyone and is still an inexplicable testimony today of the abnormal forces at work in the oceanic region. Bruce says that shortly after takeoff, he saw an oval-shaped cloud in the air, in the middle of a clear, unobstructed sky. Without attaching any importance to it, he accelerated the plane to the pile to get through it.

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