Island in a Sea of Stars. Anderson How to write a great review. Konrath and Kelley Armstrong. And the whole book is like this!!! How about a tiny car packed with undead clowns!

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Showing of 13 next show all I thought this was a good collection of short stories. Most of them were only a few pages long, so it was easy to fly through them. There are too many stories to go over each one so I will just hit the ones that stood out the most for me.

My favorite was Daycare of the Damned. Whats not to like about creepy kids with weird powers. I would love to see this one expanded on. My least favorite story was Table for Two. This one seemed like it was trying to be gross just for the sake of being gross.

Over all, these stories were heavy on the supernatural, but very lite on the horror. More like an ironic twist kind of funny. I enjoyed reading them and would recommend this book to people who like supernatural stories. Inside is a collection of short stories that connect fantasy and a little humor. Some stories from the original still linger in my brain. After reading and enjoying the first anthology, Blood Lite, I expected not just funny stories in fantasy settings but memorable.

Fact is I can only remember one story in Blood Lite II:Overbite and had to do with a guy out with his girlfriend at a diner. The description of the girlfriend was disgusting and not funny. The other stories are lost from my memory. I even had to re-read quite often. I probably will read it too. Lots of great stories in there. Schlyne Nov 12, An anthology of humorous horror stories.

I thought the first collection titled, unsurprisingly, Blood Lite was kind of a mixed bag. This one is, too, although overall perhaps a slightly less interesting one.


Blood lite. II, Overbite : an anthology of humorous horror stories

Voodoojar Sutherland Goodreads Author Contributor. How to write a great review. The Saga of Seven Suns — Book 3. The Horror Writers Association HWA is the oldest professional writers organization promoting and recognizing lihe literature and its authors. I thought this was a good collection of short stories.


Blood Lite II : Overbite (2010, Paperback)


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