Paul Heaven Defective I have a Behringer personal monitor which works well, but this unit was defective right out of the box. There was a nasty noise not subtle at all which developed after being on for a few minutes. I ended up spending more money for a replacement item, but have had Mackies for years without any problems and so went with one of them. First and Foremost, this unit works perfectly, functions as designed, and was packaged well. It is 3 rack space and fit into the 3 rack space opening I had.

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Did you find this review helpful? Attention, and against the same button Phantom power supply, you are wrong, and you send 48 volts in dynamic microphones. So I plan soldering iron and Farewell certainly guaranteed. Okay, saw the taking of the port and the device How many lanes, bus attendant, departures, returns For once in behringer, the manual is clear, and miracle, it speaks only of this product. Hence the unusual clarity, - Settings practical enough, once connected, we control very quickly level, tone, effects, back monitor, pan or balance depending on the inputs.

The very intuitive and consistent with the needs of a small group. We thought having to use external effects, it will be nothing but an insert on one or two entries for specific effect on some tracks, but this has nothing to do with the work of a mixer. In short I would put a 8 out of 10 because of the button, and then becaufe it feels good to vent, but if you compare the price and assured work, it would be worth 10 with a mirror and an articulated arm.

Except to discover that she burned setting fire to the house, I would do the same purchase if the opportunity arose, and I can objectively as the advisor.


Behringer RX1202FX



Behringer Eurorack RX1202FX Pro Mixer


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