You can change the problem levels if more levels are available by using the " harder" and "easier " switches in the top-right corner of the page. You can scroll through a set by using the " start", " " and "end " buttons also in the top-right corner of the page. You can try out moves by clicking on the board JavaScript required. The links to the full solution including brief comments are situated below the problem diagram. You can use either: online replay facility load the solution in your local SGF viewer not available for all sets print the solution diagrams not available for all sets The Bingo Problem - This problem comes from PG Bingo.

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Yes, as time passes, and you get stronger, it will sit on the shelf and collect dust, and you will depend more on a dictionary of joseki, but for understanding the reason for each move this book has no peer. This might help amateur players to fix their bad habits. Solution and commentaries Problem 3: You can use either: Very well written and gives a small grasp to current joseki, and how we got there. Often we want to do big things without doing the small necessary things that big prolbems need.

Solution and commentaries Figure 4: What I do think I might work is to filter the problems using a strong bot like Leela Zero, to try to catch errors and bad problems. Black to play and capture the marked stones Solution and commentaries. Black to play ; what is the best yose? Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit: I just clicked on the 14k set for giggles and struggled with the first gaduk that came up!

Maybe add a flag button, so that wrong problems can slowly be filtered out? Eye reduction nakade Problem 1: Black to play and save the 6 stones on the side Solution and commentaries Problem Most difficult classical problems II. It is also fairly easy to add problems to the collection or even to create your own collections. These problems come from a Japanese problem book which features 80 pages with 30 problems each.

This book provides the bavuk with each of the basic josekis and some common variations. Solution and commentaries Position 2: Symmetrical problems Problem 1: Yeah, continuations are hard.

Thus, when she released her book, I immediately ordered it. Extraordinary moves played in real games Position 1: Most Related.



Thanks for the suggestion. Black to play and save the marked stones Solution and commentaries 3. Volume three continues where volume two leaves of and the problems are grouped getting less easy towards the end. These problems are of historical value and for your entertainment. What is this game?


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