Tanris Couple of threads for the same Audax HT speakers that I built I put the tweeter crossover on the floor of the sub-enclosure, routing the terminal cup wires through the hole I drilled and out the terminal cup hole. As I mentioned before, to a certain degree, the sequence of how things come together makes the construction process easier. The major deviations from the original plans were: Added some paint and nailers to the ceiling. This is not a good thing when considering that one of the main functions of the center channel is to accurately reproduce the midrange frequencies of the human voice. Installing the crossover boards, drivers, terminal cup and stuffing.

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Kilrajas For a more intense, realistic experience, you can even install floor lighting using low-voltage lights that can be kept on the entire time.

Installing the Sound Systems and Video After the paint has dried, you can begin setting up your speakers, screen, and projector. This can happen with higher order crossover networks 3 rd or 4 th ordersuch as the ones that are typically used for MTMs, when the sound from one driver interferes with the sound of another. For the best experience, the next step is to insulate the room.

I used liquid nails and held it in place with four braces until the glue dried. Particle Board for Grille Frame. If I had to rank the complexity of building this cabinet, I would say, on a scale ofit would be a 6. Setup a jig on the saw to start cutting some moulding.

Forums New posts Search forums. This is what I did Special effects and music coming from this speaker also sounds clean, clear, and very detailed. Afterward, the left and right speakers should be placed on either dih of the screen roughly at viewing height.

A little forethought goes a long way in this project. Here is a breakdown of the overall cost of the project. I glued the ports on the back baffle using liquid nails. Once auudax drywall is installed, you can paint it to match the color scheme that you want for the theater.

Start building the columns Multiple amplifiers running off of 1 controller This type of finish theatfe used on the finest of furniture and antiques, but is more of an art than anything. The back composite piece was then glued on.

But like I said, they sound great, so who cares? The terminal cup wires were then ausax soldered onto the cup, and the cup was installed in the cabinet using standard terminal cup screws. Run fiber optics through panel covered in felt. Spray painting something black has its place in life, but ohme for my center channel. I applied three coats in order to get the color black I was going for and to completely cover the grain.

Welcome Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity For speakers, you will probably want to invest in a surround sound system for the optimal sound quality. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

After doing some research on the topic of black piano finishes, I decided to have east meet west. Most 10 Related.


Audax HT finished

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you theatfe in if you register. I also have several sets of extra drivers packed away in case I ever blew one. There are a couple of places you can purchase the cabinet already assembled and ready to install the drivers and crossovers. Selecting the Right Materials and Sound Systems There are many options for the types of projectors, televisions, and speakers that you use. Welcome Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity If you choose to use typical surround sound, you will need to theater a receiver that connects to the rest of your system. I glued the ports on the back baffle using liquid nails.




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