Jun 14, Kristen rated it did not like it Well, it was a great idea executed in a very poor way. It was a complete struggle to read and nearly impossible to enjoy. Persephone is thousands of years old but has the maturity of a seven year old. She goes to high school and likes a boy at her high school.

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On top of that, the heroine is - though immortal - acting like a child. I know its a YA novel but I feel like she would be more self-possessed by now. Not exactly someone I would like to look up to as a strong independent woman. Not to mention her emotions are lighting-quick and can pull a on a dime, making it hard to connect with her in any way.

Not a page later she is bawling and I am not making this up wrapped around his leg like a four year old. The writing also leaves something to be desired, too many cliches and not enough original thought. I am going to continue reading because there must have been something in this book that other people liked but so far, nothing.

January 1, Shauna The mythology in this was just god awful. It was mentioned a number of times that Persephone had had many 17th birthdays, the implication seemingly that her age never stretched any further than that, but that was it.

What is that supposed to tell me?! That, although she herself The mythology in this was just god awful. We just. I swear, this book did not even try to make sense. There was no flow. I gave up around page a solid effort on my part at this charming exchange:He takes me by surprise when he whips around, clutches my arm and backs me up into the wall, his cheeks flushed and red, full of rage.

A startled gasp gets stuck in my throat. January 1, Kristen Well, it was a great idea executed in a very poor way. It was a complete struggle to read and nearly impossible to enjoy. Persephone is thousands of years old but has the maturity of a seven year old. She goes to high school and likes a boy at her high school. Demeter and Persephone are constantly on the run from Hades but Persephone has never known why they are always moving from continent to continent.

It was full of spelling and grammar errors and painful, cliched metaphors. I really wanted to enjoy this novel so it was a huge disappointment. Despite being a lover of YA novels and mythical stories, I would not reccomend this book to anyone. January 1, Ayesha I wish there was a lower star rating than 1! This is a horrible book and I am really surprised how the author ever managed to get this published.

Either she was high when she was writing this or this was book written by her five year old! Her metaphors made me cringe the entire time and I read the entire book hoping that it will get better. January 1, Mei SynopsisHades is lonely and bored ruling the underworld.

Zeus has promised him a wife, but has refused to actually give her to him. I was drawn to Aspodel by the cover and the premise of the story. I love retold or modernized myths, and this one looked interesting. Unfortunately, the writing was so poor that I gave up searching for the plot. The author uses words incorrectly and in the wrong tense constantly, and her use of really bad metaphors was irritating.

Below are a few passages:"A man lied in the middle of the street. The task of damning the souls that had crossed the river Styx into his domain was becoming tiresome for the deceitful king. Seconds later, Hades disappeared, reappearing in front of the boy.

Then he started shaking. Hades examined him, hoping to scorch him with his gaze. But the boy did not answer. The novel feels like it was written by a a very young, new writer. I looked into the author, Lauren Hammond, and it appears that she has written several books. Dear god. January 1, Charissa Sophia de la Rosa Asphodel noun : any of various Old World herbs especially genera Asphodelus and Asphodeline of the lily family with flowers in usually long erect racemes.

I have mixed feelings with it and let me start off with the good ones. Lauren really researched and knows a lot about Greek myths.

Most of my views were also hers, and I found myself enjoying reading it for the personality of the gods were the exact way I imagined them to be. If Ms. Lauren and I both have the same imagination and interpretation in Greek myths, then do I have a future in writing books?

I love how she wrote about the gods. Lauren and I both think that the king of Olympus is not that good. At least when Hades did something despicable, he mapped out a plan to carry out the idea on his own. For a moment, he swore he saw her.

He swore he saw Persephone dancing around in the whirling flames with a radiant smile on her face and the illusion made his heart ache. Hades stepped away from the fireplace and lurched closer. My realm? Zeus had always been a power hungry god, but now he was going too far.

Will you take the sea too? Everyone always thought that Hades was the cruellest of the gods just because of his job, but Zeus had him beat. This was his palace. This was his world. He did not want to give it up. He did not want to leave. Is this really because I took her? You knew I would eventually. You knew-I. His vagueness was annoying. What if I put up a fight? Hades watched as his fingertips spit out white lines of electricity, snapping and cracking before whirling around in circle.

Then her image appeared. She was sleeping and the hard look Hades was wearing faded away. She looked so peaceful, and beautiful, and Hades swore that he saw her mumble his name in her sleep. Suddenly Zeus lowered his hands and the ball of electricity evaporated along with the image.

Zeus let out a long sinister laugh. I can most definitely kill her. But in truth, he is not. He is the opposite. Hera: She was not that bad. Demeter: Same motherly-like that I knew. Hermes: I love how Ms. Lauren described him almost exactly the way I imagined him to be! The Demigod disappeared through the opening and seconds later a tall, lean muscled man with ash-blonde hair strolled toward Zeus.

We have a mission for you. Persephone: I love how she never gives up and will do everything just to be with Hades. I like how she made a twist, making it a contemporary retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth. I really enjoyed it and could really relate. Is that Persephone in a field of Asphodels? Asphodel was a very catchy title especially to those who are lovers of Greek myths.

At first, I thought it was referring to The Fields of Asphodel, a desert full of floating spirits not knowing where to go.

But I was wrong. Asphodel was referring to a very beautiful flower that only grows in the Underworld. I love how she described things and adding figures of speech here and there to make the reader visualize more what was happening or what the protagonist was feeling. An example of this: She was the light to his darkness.

The compassion to his rage. The key to his heart. Point blank, Persephone was everything to him [Hades]. Another example: Pain. All there is pain. I feel like someone has just plunged their fist into my chest and wrapped their fingers around my heart.


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