AR 608-10 PDF

Fees should be collected bi—weekly or monthly. The most current procedural guidance from HQDA will be followed. Three credit hours in cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR. Signed copies of records specified in 2—13 a 1 and 6 will, where applicable, be retained in the CDS Central En. When the number of full—time working parent patrons on the excess demand waiting list exceeds 15 percent of the existing CDS operational capacity, the installation commander shall expand full—day child care spaces both on and off the installation by:. Child abuse prevention education.

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Tet Caregiving employees will receive breaks on a regularly scheduled basis. Program Oversight and Ag Assurance, page Two part—time positions may be preferable to dual functioning a single position. Disclosure is voluntary, however if information is not provided or kept current, individuals may be denied participation in the program. Figure 6 — 3: The CDS coordinator may waive the age requirement for individuals under 18 who are volunteering under the auspices of an installation program or a school or civic organization e.

Figure C — 6: Child health screening see para 4—8 b. Monitoring NAF budget execution and preparing variance reports as required. Federal, State, and local entities may provide supplemental funding and resources for staff training and program development and operations.

Children will not be left in highchairs after feeding. Diaper changing surfaces will be—. Student help under 18 years of age and volunteers may not be counted in determining compliance with staff per child ratio. Total room darkening anytime is not necessary in any areas. Appropriate installation functional proponents as well as the commander, must review and sign all exception requests.

Figure 6 — 4: Upon admission to any CDS program, parents will have the option to remain with the child until all feel comfortable. The quality of service, efficiency, and effectiveness of all operations monitored by CDS will be assessed by higher. Guidance will be reviewed semi—annually.

Commanders may dedicate these spaces; however any loss of income incurred should be made up from the installation MWR fund rather than increased fees for other CDC patrons. Parent education workshops on patron selected topics. USDA funds may not be used to reimburse positions, materials, or equipment which are paid for by appropriated. An excess demand waiting list and preference for care and projected demand lists will be maintained as.

The Army does not function as the legal successor—in—interest to the ad of service members. A separate NAF accounting code established for this purpose will be used. AR Child Development Services Update Indoor and outdoor program equipment and materials will be provided in the learning environment that are safe, durable, in working order, and appropriate to age levels, abilities, and interests.

This revision is required to update administration of medication and performing caregiving health practices pursuant to the Rehabilitation Act ofas amended. Parent advisory boards are not advisory committees and are not required to comply with the Federal Advisory Com-mittee Act under Section of the Military Family Act of Infants will not be fed in multiple seat infant feeding tables. In instances where there are limited or no comparable operations in the civilian sector i. Sample format for patron statement of understanding regarding child care resource and referral service, page Parents should be advised when documented pay is in contradiction with published pay scales and an audit is anticipated.

Government agencies, professional organizations, and civic groups. CDC food service program. Support community activities in their effort to improve the quality of life by providing accessible and affordable.

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AR 608-10 PDF

Shajin FCC certification will be delayed, denied, or suspended until is no health risk to the children. Because many child abuse incidents are opportunistic, tasks such as playground supervision, diapering, toileting and. Help each child feel accepted in the group, learn to communicate and get along with others, and encourage feelings. Enforcement of ratios and group sizes. In addition to record screening checks, the following procedures will be followed.


AR 608-10 PDF






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