Beschreibung bei Amazon Bertrice Small was a New York Times best-selling author whose books captured the minds of her readers. She was considered as an erotic romance writer long before that genre existed. If you love romance novels, this is the author to go for! After that, she transferred to a secretarial school Katherine Gibbs and then got to work in advertising agencies as a secretary. George Small was a photographer and a designer. They both lived together in Southold on eastern long island with a cockateil named Nicky and a cat called Deuteronomy.

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Start your review of A Dangerous Love The Border Chronicles 1 Write a review Feb 25, Eastofoz rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Readers who like a lot of history droning and unrealistic eye-rolling language Shelves: books-with-cooties , highlander First things first : this book is really bad, and I mean really bad.

From the stupider than stupid language to the unfathomably annoying historical detail I was just about ready to pull out my hair in frustration once this bit of crap was over. The complete and utter joy I felt when I was finished, is indescribable ; I had high hopes for this read, for starters because its the legendary Bertrice Small and because the back blurb sounded like just the kind of story Id like.

Yet another life lesson learned here: one should never assume anything! Once you get past the first half the gist of the story is Laird Conal ends up buying Adair from a slave trader and they fall passionately in love —eventually, like around page of ! What were they doing for the rest of the time? Well they were retelling their story and how they got to where they were for the umpteenth time just in case the patient reader forgot.

The rehashing in this story is unbelievable. Adair wore this like shiny gold badge throughout the book —good on you sister is what you feel like saying after reading it so many times. The plot if you can manage to count them all is everywhere and the writing is worse.

You meet Adair as a 6 year old but she talks like an adult and says some of the most inane things. There is an endless reporting of historical facts that I felt like I was reading a history text book —and a bad one at that. This is not a historical romance.

Pages and pages of this stuff. Moving on to the language: good gawd the repetition! Get a thesaurus! Stop repeating yourself! What in the world is your editor being paid for?! It comes across as lewd.

Adair gets pawed more than once by the pervy future King James. Just ew. Oh wait, the cover is very good because it actually looks like how the heroine is described. Sooo, suffice it to say that this author will be not be appearing on my auto-buy list any time soon ;


A Dangerous Love

Bertrice Small Booklist Bertrice Small Message Board Detailed plot synopsis reviews of A Dangerous Love At the age of 6, while the enemy is approaching her home, little Adair Radcliffe learns that her father is really the King of England and she is being sent to him with her nurse and wolfhound to be raised. She is told by her mother and stepfather, who raised her as his own, that by morning she would be the Countess of Stanton as all at stanton would be dead by then. But Adair has a lot of political savvy about her and when she learns the king has arranged a marriage she runs away to Stanton. The king has her married by proxy and sends her 14 year old husband to her.


A Dangerous Love Book Summary and Study Guide


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