Alternatively, view or print the CA EZ instructions or CA instructions to obtain the proper phone number and mailing address. The requested information must match what was submitted on your CA EZ or CA state income tax forms for the current year. Is military pension taxed by the state? Any additional state forms will be listed for you and will be ready for you to complete and efile. The Form does not have any limitations with regard to itemized deductions. Most other sites charge a per state price.

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The form was discontinued as of the tax year in favor of the redesigned Form Consider a typical high-school student employed part-time. Provided they met the income qualifications, the EZ will likely be the most straightforward and appropriate form to file.

Key Takeaways Form EZ was a shortened version of Form for taxpayers with basic tax situations. The form was discontinued as of the tax year and replaced with the redesigned Form One significant difference was that Form had fields to include information about dependents, while EZ did not allow individuals to claim dependents.

The filer was also able to include unemployment compensation payments. Form EZ allowed filers to claim income from wages, tips, salaries, taxable grants or scholarships, the Alaska Permanent Fund, and unemployment compensation. Form , though, had at least 16 income categories. Categories available on the standard form included dividend payments, retirement account distributions, and farm and rental income.

Form also allowed the entry of Social Security benefits, alimony, and other forms of income. This form also had a long list of deductions, ranging from education costs to healthcare savings plan contributions. Compare Accounts.


California Tax Forms 2019

When a taxpayer is married or have a registered domestic partner filing separately with separate property income, they have a filing requirement if they owe tax. CA 2 EZ This simplified two pages long California state tax form for residents who meet certain filing requirements are explained here. CA 2 EZ is the one for you if you lived in California all year, have under 3 dependents with the following income control. Income only from wages, salaries, tips, etc. You have income from a source outside of California. You have income from a source not listed on this form.


California Tax Forms for 2019 and 2020

Bralabar If you have not done so already, please begin with your federal using the links above or on the left side navigation. The Form 2EZ does not allow the filer to itemize deductions. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. You make it easy to do my taxes!

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