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Great book! The main strength of the book is that it explores journaling or diary keeping as a process. Amazon review by E. Unlike most journal guides today, which are generally highly structured prompt books, offer little more than a series of possible or, according to the program, mandatory topics or systems, Rainer offers broad kinds of writing and invites the reader to be aware of them as they guide themselves.

Her seven special techniques lists, dialog, etc. She addresses special topics such as writing honestly about sex or deliberately recognizing joy in your journal long before the Simple Abundance journal , as well.

Yet, every suggestion is presented undogmatically, as a possibility among many. Rainer emphasizes integration of all aspects of life into one journal, rather than separate specialty or overly programatic journal writing.

Best of all, she opens up the possibility of using self-reflection and observation to direct rich journal writing, rather than prompt and gimmick dependency. The wonderful examples she quotes are the best proof of how fruitful self-directed journal writing can be. All rights reserved.


The New Diary: How to use a journal for self-guidance and expanded creativity

D, is a pioneer in the fields of contemporary journal writing and narrative autobiography. Her book The New Diary, how to use a journal for self-guidance and expanded creativity has sold over , copies and has been used as a text in university Psychology and Occupational Therapy courses, although her degree was in English Lit. After a quarter of a century in print The New Diary will see a new, revised edition in Her book Your Life as Story, Writing the New Autobiography, published in hit the Los Angeles Times bestseller list and is presently being used as a text in many college writing programs. Rainer is the founder and director of the Center for Autobiographic Studies, a non-profit educational Tristine Rainer, Ph. Rainer is the founder and director of the Center for Autobiographic Studies, a non-profit educational organization that encourages the creation and preservation of autobiographic works. It was this experience of shaping stories in the trenches, she says, that gave her the key to how teach anyone to transform their own life experience into a compelling story.


The New Diary

Search About the Founder and Director Tristine Rainer has had dual careers as a pioneer and expert in the fields of contemporary diary and memoir writing and as an executive, producer and writer of television movies. It popularized contemporary journal writing and created its lexicon. After several other development jobs, in she became President of Grand Central Films, a co-venture for international co-productions between Thames Television and D. Her films won awards for their non-stereotypical portrayals of women and minorities. She returned to teaching and lecturing, creating the first autobiographic writing course for UCLA Extension , the first autobiographic film course for University of Hawaii , and the first memoir class in the USC Masters of Professional Writing Program, where for 11 years she was a faculty member until

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