As an author and a coach who has been helping women for more than a decade, I noticed some women were in trouble. So many women try to be the perfect girlfriends, wives, mothers, friends, sisters, colleagues, business owners, bosses, and more. They love to serve and want to succeed in the many roles they have to play. They give it all they have, every single day. Regardless of their tremendous efforts, some women get little in return.

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Ladies, here is what you need to know. It really is that easy. The book is insulting. Seriously, that advice is in there, like my man is some kind of incompetent pet that requires me to help him adult.

All the questions and many quotes have a name attached to it, I guess because it seems more personable? Maybe the reader will be less likely to question if the questions or quotes are made up? This absurdity throughout the book made it lose credibility in my mind. A lot of the survey pieces or generalized comments were naive and offensive to both men and women.

I have a great respect for inhibitions. They keep us alive and help us in our relationships with others. The way the author uses the term is pretty obviously negative, though. Another very negative aspect of the book is how he This book had some good advice, but is a bit insulting in places. Another very negative aspect of the book is how he glorifies exhibitionism. In 2 instances he describes approvingly how someone did illegal things in the name of fun and games.

One story described a woman who would go to dressing rooms in department stores during weekends, when the stores were at their busiest, and intentionally open the dressing room door when she was mostly or completely undressed. Another instance described a woman sitting in a crowded bus pleasuring herself while her boyfriend watched from a distance. The only explanation I have for these examples of misconduct is that perhaps the author is trying to overstate his case so I will lose some of my alleged inhibitions.

It is also possible that he thinks these things are okay. I definitely got the feeling I was being "groomed" while I was reading the book. Something about the pushy way he words things feels off to me. I will not be reading any more of his books. I found a lot of honest insight and absolutely enjoyed the peek into the minds of half the human population. Sharing this book with my husband and the laughs that came with it was also pleasurable for both of us.

I definitely recommend this book to women who are seeking a deeper relationship with the significant man in their life. It is written more towards established relationships and often for a somewhat older audience.


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Passionista : The Empowered Woman's Guide to Pleasuring a Man



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Passionista: The Empowered Woman's Guide to Pleasuring a Man


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