Sc3 c5 , was bekanntlich Dr. Tarrasch als einzig ausreichende Verteidigung empfiehlt. Sf3 Lg4 4. Sc3 Lxf3 6. Sce7 7. Ld3 c6 8.

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Examples are included in the present article, which draws together a number of C. Page numbers vary, but in the later editions of My System in our collection the reference is page , , or Bell and Sons, Ltd.

Some, though not all, of the corrections were included by Bell many years later in a reset version pages. In B. Batsford Ltd. The Batsford reprint furthermore revealed ignorance of the errata list. How pride can come into any of this is unclear. One of our copies was inscribed by a world champion on whom Nimzowitsch had considerable influence: The above paragraph on page 34 of the April Wiener Schachzeitung comes from a report by Tartakower on Copenhagen, We also note that, for instance, the third instalment was scheduled to appear at the end of April , as announced on page of the January-March Kagans Schachnachrichten.

I conceived isolated parts, e. A further question is when the final version of Mein System was written. It is not possible to give an exact date or period, but it was derived from many articles and game notes published by Nimzowitsch in a variety of newspaper columns and magazines during the years It is a set of rules about the individual elements of chess strategy such as the open file, the seventh rank, the passed pawn, exchange technique and pawn chains.

Everything is there, beautifully arranged and nothing is missing — except a publisher. It is worth noting the view of C. The greatest of all chess books, in the sense that it has, more than any other, really changed the methods of master players — and equally, of course, those of strong amateurs.

It is a tortuous, obscure book in the original German, full of distracting half-jokes. But there are few books which reward you as richly if you really stick to them. More good players swear by My System than by any other book I know.

The translator shows an ignorance of many well-known technical terms, but that may even be an advantage for the average British player. Griffith: The technical issues concerning the book were dealt with more deeply in an unsigned critique on page of the Times Literary Supplement, 5 December The February Wiener Schachzeitung featured four spoof games parodying the annotational styles of Becker, Bogoljubow, Tartakower and Nimzowitsch.

The above photograph was published opposite page of Hundert Jahre Schachturniere by P. Horowitz and J. Pandolfini New York, , pages A strange commentary on the parody was written by R.

The public applauded his teachings only after they had been carefully distorted Kmoch admired and esteemed Nimzovich as a great player and a profound and original thinking. Luckily this rollicking parody is so good-natured, with a few grains of sense artfully concealed in a farrago of nonsense, that Nimzovich expressed himself as vastly amused by it.

His ideas on overprotection were over-the-top. We do, though, have one other Snowball Publishing volume, also dated Zurich International Chess Tournament by David Bronstein: The name of the translator, Jim Marfia, has been retained on the title page, but the book is merely a low-quality reprint of what Dover Publications, Inc.

Latest update: 21 January To the Archives for other feature articles. Copyright: Edward Winter. All rights reserved.


Book Review: My System‎

It has since been translated in to English several times, and the text I have just finished reading is fully titled "My System: New Translation," published by Quality Chess. Some of the translation from the original German is awful. It appears to me that the book has been translated in parts. The concepts in these early chapters is understandable, but they are a chore to read. I was tempted to quit reading somewhere around the sixth chapter, but I perservered.


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